067: Natural skincare and clean beauty tips with Danny Neifert



Today I’m so excited to have Danny Neifert, the founder of Skin Harmonics, on the show.

067: Natural skincare and clean beauty tips with Danny Neifert 1

Here’s what we chat about:

How the conventional anti-aging strategy accelerates aging: why micro-violence, harm to heal, and other trauma-based beauty procedures hurt skin in the long term

Some easy things you can do at home for beautiful skin

Her favorite skincare products

Her thoughts on face yoga, gua sha, jade rollers, laser technology and infrared technology

And so.much.more.

I LOVED this conversation with Danny and have also recently had the opportunity to try her incredible skincare line. The rose mist is a DREAM come true and I’m already obsessed with the serum and rose melt. (This link has a 20% off offer if you want to try it!)

Here’s a little bit about Danny:

Danny’s focus on the power of natural products first began at her place of birth on the Navajo reservation in Monument Valley, Utah, where she was raised with a respect for the environment and its offerings. She is the author of Relearning Skincare, The Story of Skin and the New Way, where she is a fresh voice and visionary for skin health providers and enthusiasts everywhere. Danny is a clean beauty advocate and speaker who loves to bring skin health back down to earth through story and practicality. She practices in both Boulder, CO, and Santa Barbara, CA where she beautifies skin and spends as much time as possible surrounded by nature.

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Resources from this episode:

Get her free PDF here of the 10 things your skin wishes you would stop doing to it.

Find Danny on her website here or on Instagram.

Get 15% off Organifi with the code FITNESSISTA. The green juice and gold powder are my favorites!

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