105: The power of labels and identity with Caitlin Boyle (Healthy Tipping Point)



*Throws confetti into the air*

I’m SO SO pumped for this week’s episode and so thrilled to welcome a good friend to the show: Caitlin Boyle, whom many of you may know from the very popular blog Healthy Tipping Point. 

Caitlin is one of the OG healthy living bloggers, and I’m so thankful that the blog world introduced me to her. Her blog was one of the first things I checked each day for many years, and I always loved that she shared glimpses into her life, recipes, questions of the day, and even covered controversial topics. She stopped blogging regularly back in 2015, and after a 7 year hiatus, she wrote a couple of new posts and the internet rejoiced. She’s one of the smartest people I know, and I’m thankful to have her as a blog friend and real-life friend.

I asked her if she would join me on the podcast, and was so excited when she said yes.

We spent a lot of the episode chatting about a topic that’s so prevalent today: identity and labels.

105: The power of labels and identity with Caitlin Boyle (Healthy Tipping Point) 1

We talk about:

– the power of labels

– the pros and cons of having an “identity”

– the fact that it’s OK to change your mind with new information

– how we can better understand those who don’t agree with us

– what it felt like to close the book on her blog and drop the “blogger” identity

– what she’s been up to since she blogging days

– Operation Beautiful and what it would look like today

and so.much.more.

Here’s a little bit more about Caitlin if you’re not familiar with her:

Caitlin Boyle is the author of the Healthy Tipping Point, which covered healthy living topics from 2008-2014. She’s been on a 7 year hiatus from blogging but returns to the blog to share some life updates and musings. She’s a mom of two and the founder of Operation Beautiful.

Some of my all-time favorite posts that she’s created:

The mommy wars

That one time she was on the Today Show for Operation Beautiful

Will we or won’t we? Raising vegetarian children

Her entire discussion series on birth control

Resources from this episode:

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