3 Digital Marketing Strategies for chiropractors


Although referrals are a standard for getting more patients through the door, marketing chiropractic practice is vital to expanding the customer base beyond current networks. Here are long-term marketing strategies you can implement for your chiropractic practice.

  • Sharing on social media
  • Get published
  • Making your website accessible to the public
  • Build a My business Google profile
  • Get Listed on a Chiropractor practice directory
  • Start blogging on your website

Start a blog on your website.

How do you rank your website with more keywords in chiropractic terms? By creating new pages that address specific topics. Let’s assume that your specialty is in injury to sports. Having the homepage rank for “sports injury chiropractor” makes sense, but it may not be the only search question potential patients are typing through. For example, all keywords which target your ideal patient are “most common sports injuries,” “spine and sports chiropractic,” and “sports injury treatment.”

Ways Chiropractors can Use Social Media to Grow Their Business - SocialChimp

List your practice on chiropractor directories.

Another simple chiropractic marketing idea with a great return is to expand your online presence at all relevant locations, which includes directories for chiropractors. For example, the National Chiropractic Directory lets chiropractors add their listing, making it easier for patients to find the practice and clinic where they need it.

Create and optimize a Google My Business profile

Google My Business (GMB) is an integral part of local SEO.

Not only is it a great marketing idea for chiropractors, but competition in your local area is also essential! (It’s free too.)

A profile for GMB appears in both Google Maps …… and from

Google Search’s first article. Users may either check for a question with “close me” or have an actual location such as “Scottsdale” to show up on these pages. Given how much it is difficult to place the keywords in organic results for your website on the first list, local SEO is an excellent solution for local small businesses! A profile lists the name, location,

telephone number, hours, and industry of your business. You can also upload photos, address questions, create posts and events, and feature profiles on social media.

Partner with a digital marketing agency to execute an expert-level chiropractor marketing strategy

Online and offline advertising can be a pricey, constant expense.

On the other hand, digital marketing has a longer lifespan and concentrates on attracting inbound leads from a more targeted audience.

You’re shaping an online presence with inbound marketing so that

patients can find you more easily when searching for your services.

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While it is important to attract new patients to the clinic, it is equally important to ensure that your clinic aligns with the PDPA regulations. Read this article to find out what you need to do to avoid a hefty fine: https://thegenia.com/pdpa-dpo-checklist-obligations