$33,000 NextFifty Initiative Supports Dental Lifeline Network • Colorado



$33,000 NextFifty Initiative Supports Dental Lifeline Network • Colorado 1
$33,000 NextFifty Initiative Supports Dental Lifeline Network • Colorado 2








Denver—May 9, 2022 The NextFifty Initiative has awarded a $33,000 grant to Dental Lifeline Network • Colorado to help vulnerable individuals in the state get critical dental care through the Donated Dental Services (DDS) program.

The grant will help 278 Colorado seniors receive $830,000 in comprehensive dental care. Dental Lifeline Network (DLN) appreciates the invaluable support of NextFifty Initiative.

The funds will support the coordination of services provided through 705 in the state dentists and 148 dental laboratories who volunteer for DDS in Colorado. DDS volunteers donate comprehensive treatment to people with disabilities or who are elderly or medically fragile.

The Colorado DDS program has provided over $38 million in donated services to over 13,200 patients since it began in 1985. NextFifty Initiative’s grant is a significant contribution to the cumulative celebration happening for the DDS program nationally. For over 35 years, DLN has partnered with volunteer dentists, laboratories, and strategic corporate partners across the country and connected people with special needs to comprehensive dentistry. This past August, DLN reached a new milestone: $500 Million in donated dental treatment! That’s half a billion dollars of care which has helped 165,000 individuals.

“The NextFifty Initiative has been invaluable for ensuring Colorado seniors receive the care and support they need to live healthy, fulfilling lives,” said Dr. Jeffrey Lodl, Dental Lifeline Network • Colorado Board of Directors Chair. “We are thrilled to have the support of NextFifty Initiative to continue and expand our reach in Colorado. Consistent with the Initiative’s commitment to creating transformational change in our communities, we look forward to providing life-changing dental treatment to Colorado seniors.”

“We’re grateful for the work that Dental Lifeline Network is doing to provide critical, no-cost dental care for people aged 50 and older,” said Diana McFail, president and CEO of NextFifty Initiative. “Oral health is an essential element of overall health and quality of life, and we are proud to support this and other efforts to help people age with dignity and purpose.”

Dentists and laboratories within the Denver metro area can volunteer for DDS by contacting Program Coordinator David Mounsey at dmounsey@dentallifeline.org, or 303.534.3931. Outside of the Denver metro area, dentists and laboratories can volunteer for DDS by contacting Program Coordinator JoDee Hambright at jhambright@DentalLifeline.org, or 303.534.5863. To volunteer, make a donation, or learn more about Dental Lifeline Network visit www.DentalLifeline.org.


About Dental Lifeline Network

Dental Lifeline Network (DLN) is a national charitable organization and affiliate of the American Dental Association whose mission is to improve the oral health of people with disabilities or who are elderly or medically fragile and have no other way to get help. DLN accomplishes its mission by developing and coordinating collaborative relationships that provide essential resources for direct-service programs, especially charitable care.


About NextFifty

NextFifty Initiative is a Colorado-based private foundation. The organization exists to create brighter, longer and healthier futures that unlock the potential of communities through an advanced funding approach. Through this work, communities are positioned to fully benefit from the wisdom and diverse experiences of a thriving aging population. Our approach applies a multitude of lenses in funding high-yield aging solutions that benefit people age 50 and older. NextFifty Initiative focuses on funding designed to support concepts, projects and innovations that will benefit generations for years to come. To learn more, please visit next50initiative.org.



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