4 Cardiovascular Endurance Exercises You Can Do at Home



4 Cardiovascular Endurance Exercises You Can Do at Home

Cardiovascular endurance, by definition, is “the body’s ability to deliver oxygen to muscles while they are working.” It begins at about 1.5 minutes into a workout when your body starts using things like fat and proteins for energy. Your body can build up better endurance through regular cardiorespiratory endurance exercises. And, today, we want to give you a few of those to try.

1 | Fast Feet To Spiderman Plank

This is a dynamic move because it asks you to go from one power move into another. Fast feet is a straightforward move we use in many bodyweight cardiovascular exercises, and it does an excellent job of bringing your heart rate up and making you s-w-e-a-t.

To do fast feet, stand with your feet about hip-distance apart, bend your knees, and hinge at the hips. Then, press off of your toes—nice and light—and run in place as fast as you can. Do this for 6-seconds and then move into the spiderman plank.

Coach Anthony on iChuze Fitness showing the fast feet workout with his feet apart, running in place

To do a Spiderman plank, drop down into a plank with your arms straight and back flat (don’t stick that butt up!). Then move your same-side knee to your elbow. That means your right knee should be coming up to your right elbow, and visa-versa. Keep your core engaged so that you stay in a proper form for four rounds (one round is one on each side). Then, hop back up and start the move over again at the fast-feet, continuing these moves together for one full minute.

Coach Anthony, on iChuze Fitness, showing the Spiderman plank with one knee going toward the same side's elbow in a plank position

2 | Curtsy Lunge/Reverse Lunge Combo

Second-up is another dynamic move that takes your reverse lunges to the next level

To do a curtsy lunge, plant your front foot and then step back, landing just outside of your front foot behind you. That can sound a little confusing, so, if you need a visual, do a quick curtsy and see where your back leg lands. Typically, in a curtsy, you will bring your leg behind you and land your toes on your back foot to the outside of the front. This is the same in the curtsy lunge, except you will also be getting down into a reverse lunge. Keep your knee over your toes, and come down until your front knee is at about 90-degrees. Then, go back to start to move into the reverse lunge.

Coach Anthony showing a curtsy lunge with one foot going behind and slightly outside of the other as if in a curtsy on iChuze Fitness

Now for a reverse lunge, simply step backward and lower your hips until your front knee is at 90-degrees. Again, be sure to keep your knee in line with your toes. When you drive back up to start position, keep your core and back engaged. Then, go back into the curtsy. Work on one side for 45 seconds and then switch to the other. Be sure to go slow and controlled going into the back lunge, but you can drive out of it a little quicker into the starting position.

A reverse lunge being displayed by Coach Anthony as in the description above

3 | Tricep pushups

Pushups are one of the best exercises for our arms, chests, and core—period. They can also be altered to target specific muscles in the body. The triceps are a little tricky to exercise with bodyweight, but this workout makes it reasonably simple.

To do a tricep pushup, either start on your knees or in the plank position. Then, bring your hands in a little closer together than you would for a regular pushup. In a typical pushup, your wrists would land beneath your shoulders, but for this, we want to see your wrists more underneath your chest. As you go down and push up, be sure to keep your elbows tight to your body. Continue for one full minute.

Coach Anthony displaying how your hands come slightly more in towards your chest during a tricep pushup than a regular pushup

Pro-tip. You may have started these in the plank position, but these. are. tough. Remember, you can go down onto your knees at any time. This will help relieve you of some of that pressure and help you finish your full minute. 

Coach Anthony showing how to do the tricep pushup from your knees after you've started on your toes. Drop your knees to the floor and continue with your hands under your chest.

4 | Extended Hip Press

Hip presses work your abs, glutes, and hips. By extending your feet a little further out in front of you, you are going to be working even harder. 

To start, get into a normal hip press position. In a typical hip press, you will lay on your back with your feet placed on the ground at about 6-inches from your glutes. Start with your feet there and then walk them out one or two feet and begin to bridge up. You will feel your hamstrings working harder with this adjustment. As you bridge up, make sure to pause at the top, contracting your muscles for a quick squeeze, and then slowly and controlled go back down to start. Continue for 45 seconds.

Coach Anthony showing feet placement for an extended hip press. Contrary to the regular hip press, your feet will be further away from your body.

Coach Anthony showing how to push up into the bridge with your core and glutes engaged and hands on the floor to stabilize you.

These workouts are designed to go together in a round. Repeat this three times for a workout, or try them individually and add them into your bodyweight cardiovascular exercise routine. If you loved this workout and want a little more, join Coach Anthony on iChuze Fitness. We grabbed this first round from his Endurance Training 2 | 30 Min exercise video, where he goes through step-by-step talking about form, the muscles being targeted, and much more on our virtual fitness platform. Sign-up for the free 7-day pass to try these engaging cardiovascular endurance training exercises today!

You can try these workouts at home, in any of our locations, or wherever you find yourself today regardless of your physical fitness level. We hope that you come away from this article with a new exercise to love and knowledge on how to increase cardio exercise endurance.

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