5 Easy to make no sew face masks for COVID-19



5 Easy to make no sew face masks for COVID-19


Hi peeps,

So how is the Covid-19 lockdown treating you all? Now that we all have to be home till May 3rd, as announced by Modi ji, we think that the only saving grace is precaution. Prevention is better than cure is today’s only truth.

When we talk about what is going on in the entire world regarding the pandemic COVID 19, we understand that the practice of social distancing, washing our hands thoroughly and covering our faces with masks has become mandatory.

Talking about the masks it is not necessary for everyone to wear N95 masks as those are the ones necessary for the people who are in direct contact with the infected people. For the general public, as a precautionary measure any mask would do. In this post, we are going to discuss how we can simply make no sew masks for ourselves in just a few steps. That solves a great problem because considering the current situation it is necessary and because of the increased demand their prices have boosted up. So here are the 5 Easy to make no sew face masks for COVID-19.

1. The T-shirt face covering/ masks:

5 Easy to make no sew face masks for COVID-19 1For making a face covering with a T-shirt all you need is a pair of scissors along with a T-shirt. You’ll have to cut from the bottom approx 8-9 inches. Once you have the cut out separated from the T-shirt cut a smaller rectangle towards a side making the strings for the mask. There’s the mask ready for you! You can tie the strings behind and over the head and you are good to go!

2. The Bandana face mask:

5 Easy to make no sew face masks for COVID-19 2

The bandana face masks are also popular because it is a commonly found item and you need not to cut any piece of cloth. For making a face covering with a bandana you need to fold the bandana in half at first and then two more folds from up and down. Next step is to place hair ties at least 6 inches apart and then tuck in the bandana. There it is, your no sew bandana face covering.

3. The handkerchief face mask:

No sew masks covid 19

You can also make a face covering using a handkerchief, filter and some hair ties. Place the filter inside the handkerchief and fold it,then insert the hair ties to create the grip. The next step is to fold the handkerchief and overlap it with one another. You can also adjust this mask according to the size of the face. The link for the tutorial is given below.

4. Using fabric, rubber bands and fabric glue:

Here, we’ll start by folding the fabric and using the electric iron to make the folds last. Once you have folded the fabric into a considerable number of folds, you’ll have to insert the rubber bands on either side. Then we’ll fold the sides, and seal them using the fabric glue. When the sides are sealed, then you can stretch the folds to get the mask ready. You can refer to the link given below.

5. Using the non woven polypropylene grocery bag:

We’ll start off with washing the bag thoroughly and then we’ll cut off the sides. The next step is to cut the material into two sheets. Then we will place the sheets together and then the sides have to be sewed, an electric iron can also be used for the same purpose. You’ll have to add the strips as per your own convenience.

Our Take:

You can use any of the above mentioned ways to make a face mask for yourself. The medical masks are only important for the ones indulged in direct contact with the infected. For the people who occasionally visit the marketplace for daily essentials, the N95 mask is not a compulsion. Thus, they should be covering their face with any of the above 5 Easy to make no sew face masks for COVID-19 are good enough.

Stay safe!

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