5 Feel-Good Exercises to Do When You’re Tired and Stressed



Getting tired and stressed is the reality of life. However, we might not be exploring ways to relieve ourselves that keenly.

Although most might think that sleeping is considered the best thing to do when you’re burnt out, we sometimes even wake up exhausted. This is where exercising can help boost your energy and retain your cool.

According to physical fitness experts, exercises don’t just boost energy levels but they also make you stronger and reduce stress levels. There are multiple easy and feel-good exercises that can help you minimize your stress and regain your energy. 5 of such exercises are listed below:

Exercises To Do When Feeling Stressed or Tired

1- Lightweight Dumbbell Circuit

Lightweight Dumbbell Circuit

According to Prentis Rhodes, a certified personal trainer by NAMS, dumbbell circuit exercise covers the most functional areas that you use to work in routine. This suggests that lifting weights is one of the best exercises that you can do when you are stressed.

Experts suggest going for two pairs of dumbbells. One should have a weight that you can do 10 to 12 reps with relative ease and the other should be a little lighter.

With these dumbbells, you can do drills such as stepping up to bicep curl to overhead press, single-leg deadlift to lateral rise, T-drill with craw, and renegade row. For each of these drills, you will perform for 45 seconds with an interval of 15 seconds.

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2- Swimming


In case you are feeling exhausted or uninspired, water aerobics and swimming laps can replenish your energy. Apart from being a low-impact exercise, swimming has multiple other benefits.

It refreshes minds and bodies while improving flexibility, endurance, and strength. Swimming also can help you take the stress off of your body, improve cardiovascular fitness, and lose weight.

Even for people with issues like asthma, joints, and back pain, swimming is one of the best optimal aerobic exercises. It regulates the blood circulation in the entire body.

On top of that, swimming oxygenates muscles and helps in improving balance, posture, and coordination. So, swimming is not just a wholesome exercise that can help you regain your energy but it can also play a significant role in retaining good health.

3- Jogging


Jogging is the simplest exercise that has plenty of substantial physical and mental advantages.

It helps in revitalizing cognitive functions after exhaustion due to mental activities. It also boosts concentration and alertness along with minimizing fatigue. Moreover, jogging has proved beneficial in reducing work-related stress, allowing individuals to revitalize themselves preferably outdoors, with a natural view.

According to experts, jogging releases endorphins that are natural pain killers produced in the brain and increase sleep. To wave off your stress and enjoy plenty of health and physical benefits of jogging, just start it by giving it 30 minutes daily.

Before jogging, a warm-up of 5 minutes and 5 minutes to cool down after the exercise will make for the best results. For a warm-up, you can start walking at a slower pace before jogging. This comprehensive workout will involve all parts of the body.

4- Yoga


Are you looking for an exercise that does not consume much of your energy along with keeping you fit? Yoga is the answer.

Yoga is famous for energy-boosting and its soothing benefits that are attained through rhythmic breathing and slow movement. Gentle bending activities like bridge, upward dog, and extended mountain help in opening your spine and loose tightened chest muscles.

Starting your day with yoga is the best way to remain calm and focused all day. You can also use it in the evening to be more present with your family despite your tough workdays. It calms the nerves and provides relief from anxiety and stress.


REHIT Battle Rope

REHIT is a more tolerable exercise approach that does not require much time. Unlike other workouts, REHIT stationary cycling requires only 10 minutes. This time is inclusive of intervals required for warm-up and cooldown.

This exercise also involves two 20-second cycle sprints. According to the latest studies about the impacts of REHIT, it is found that this workout improves cardiorespiratory health and insulin sensitivity.

The best thing about REHIT is that you can add any method of exercise to this model based on the availability of equipment, space, and workout preferences, such as running, swimming, skipping rope, etc.


So, whenever you feel exhausted and stressed, try any of these feel-good exercises to regain your energy. All of these are suggested just to help people in remaining positive and fresh after even a tougher workday.

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