5 Low Carb Indian Recipes I love The Most



5 Low Carb Indian Recipes I love The Most

Some people say healthy food is not delicious, and delicious food is not always healthy 😉 . May be they have not tried low carb high fat recipes. Few low carb dishes are so delicious that I love eating them on and on without getting bored. These are extremely healthy and do not need any fancy or exotic ingredients to burn a whole in your pocket.

Low Carb Indian Recipes you will also love.

Low Carb Oil Free Baked Capsicum With Cauliflower no 7

Palak paneer – Spinach and cottage cheese

Palak is easily available in all grocery stores, big or small. Fresh spinach cooked in a tablespoon of ghee is one of the most delicious green vegetables you could ever relish. You can add cottage cheese aka paneer also to it. I love spinach so much that I don’t need paneer to make it tastier. Spinach is low carb and is great for people who are deficient in iron. When you add cottage cheese, make sure you choose the full fat cottage cheese to ensure it has minimum carbs

Eggs in any form

devil egg recipe

They are my go to breakfast and sometimes dinner too. If I am short of time, so much so that 1 second delay can cause an earthquake :D, I put the eggs to boil while I finish my work.

P.S – The earthquake situation arises every day when I am late for work 😛

You can check out deviled egg recipe here.

Baba Ganoush

Low carb recipe

I like to call this “baingan ka bharta” .This is heavenly delicious <3. I prepare baingan ka bharta in mustard oil. I add chilies, a small onion and a big tomato to prepare one medium sized bowl of dish. I have it with curd, I have started drooling now.

Cheese sauce

I am not sure if the recipe of cheese sauce originated in India. Some Mexican herbs like oregano enhances the taste of cheese sauce, so the way I make this sauce, it is not completely Indian 😉 . The sauce needs common ingredients like cream, full fat milk (optional), cheese, butter and extra virgin olive oil. Oregano and basil can be used additionally. India has come a long way of being multi-cultural, these herbs are easily available nowadays. Please check out the recipe here.

Moong salad


This forms my snack and sometimes dinner too. I just soak moong daal for 2-3 hours before steaming it. Add chopped tomato, cucumber, onion(optional) , lemon juice , salt and chilli powder. Voila, salad is ready. I term this dish as “moong chaat” , just to pacify my mind that I am eating chaat  . I wish we could make low carb chaats too 😀

What are your favorite Low Carb Indian Recipes ? Do share with us!

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