5 Self-Care Tips To Help You “Chuze” Self-Care Today



5 Self-Care Tips To Help You “Chuze” Self-Care Today

Self-care is always important. But, with the high stress caused by these last few weeks, worrying about our loved ones, staying home, and shifting our routines, it may be more important now than ever before. We wanted to share some of our favorite self-care tips with you! 

1 | Practice Gratitude For Your Body

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We live in a world of comparison. It can be easy to look at someone online or across from you and wish for their features. But your body is carrying you. Your body has been there through your ups and downs. Your body has been there when you’ve climbed mountains and when you’ve swum in the sea. Your body is uniquely yours. So, take a second to love your body. Look in the mirror and practice gratefulness for the body that carries you.

2 | Read A Book

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A book can take you into a whole different world, or teach you how to navigate through a difficult time. Why not dust off an old favorite from your shelf or explore a genre you’ve never read before.  

3 | Stretch Or Do Yoga

A blue illustration that says, "Self Care Tip Of The Day, stretch or do yoga."

Muscle tension is a reaction to stress, according to the American Psychological Association. It can be a good thing. Tension is the way our body knows, “Ouch, this hurts!” But, when stressed, we stay in a constant state of tension. Stretching and or relaxing yoga can immediately show signs of stress relief. Plus, particularly with yoga, adding it to your routine can help you become more flexible, build core strength, work on balance, and make you more mindful overall.

4 | Write Or Draw (Or Both!)

A blue illustration that says, "Self Care Tip Of The Day, write or draw (or both)!"

Drawing and writing are both meditative. Similar to reading, the act of drawing or writing can transport us to a new place. Remember a few years ago when adult coloring books were en vogue? It was for an excellent reason. Coloring, watching your marker immediately change a sheet of paper is satisfying and calms our busy minds. Do you have to “know how to draw (or write).” The short answer is—no. The long answer is you can draw and write. Take the negative mindset away and just put pen to paper. No one is judging you, and no one even has to see your masterpiece. 

5 | Exercise From Home

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With our lives taken off track, our health and wellness habits can quickly de-rail. Luckily, you can still get an excellent workout at home. Keep your normal workout time (if you can), or carve one out in your new schedule and find an online workout class that you love. Your favorite Chuze Instructors and Coaches are completing free live workouts every day that you can join in on with our brand new Chuze On-Demand platform. We will be uploading workouts, self-care sessions, and much more. You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, where we post our schedule a day ahead, and host our workouts! Or, follow us on YouTube, where we are uploading all of our exercises when they are through. Exercising has been proven to benefit your mental health, and we want you to be as healthy as ever.

We would love to see your self-care ideas. Join in on the Chuze Movement. Follow along on Instagram and Facebook, tag us, and use the hashtag #ChuzeMovement. We cannot wait to learn more from your examples of self-care.

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