5 Tasks to Starting Including in Your Morning Routine




With many of staying home on a regular basis now, we have found more time to focus on things we never thought we’d have time to do, like establishing a thorough morning routine or even focusing on skincare. If you are looking for a new morning routine to help adapt to our new normal, try these 7 tasks that will have you leading a more fulfilled and productive day!

Set out your clothes the night before.

If you’re like me then this isolation has had you living in nothing but sweats and PJ’s. And while that’s great and all, there is just something that putting on a cute outfit does for the soul. While you may not want to get fully dressed up with nowhere to go, just putting on a casual outfit you might normally wear to lunch out will help pep up your step and doing it the night before will have you looking forward to a more productive day.

Set aside “me” time.

For most people getting up in the morning they can feel a sense of rush and urgency to get started on their daily tasks. But setting aside some “me” time to just focus on meditating, creating your to-do list for the day or just having quite time can really change the whole trajectory of your day. It doesn’t have to be a whole hour but setting side even just 15 minutes can really make a difference.

Open your curtains.

Lots of us like to sleep with no disturbances and that even means blocking out every ounce of sunlight. When your alarm goes off in the morning, try opening your blinds or curtains and letting in some sunshine. You’d be surprised at what a little sunshine can do for your soul and will have you starting the day on the right foot.

Move your body.

Instead of moving from your bed to the couch, try adding in some exercise and movement to get your day started. It’s shown that exercising in the morning before your daily tasks helps you make more productive decisions throughout the day.

Make your bed.

Tons of influencers I follow along with have started adapting morning routines during quarantine and one thing almost all have in common are that they start off the day by making their bed. I know, it sounds silly, but making your bed is often a task many people put on the back burner and now that you have time it can make your day so much better!

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