6 Best Arms Workouts You Should Do to Build Bigger Arms



6 Best Arms Workouts You Should Do to Build Bigger Arms 1

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6 Best Arms Workouts You Should Do to Build Bigger Arms 2

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6 Best Arms Workouts You Should Do to Build Bigger Arms 3

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If you’re looking for info on how to build bigger, badder arms, then you’ve come to the right place. Having a strong set of arms is important not just for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but it will also help you in many everyday tasks. In evolutionary standards, weak arms meant a man would have a harder time finding food. It meant you’d have a harder time providing for yourself, your family, and your mate. And well, if you couldn’t do that, you didn’t survive.

Luckily today things are much less cutthroat, but having a nice set of arms at your side is still something you should strive for. Having some well-built arms nowadays will help make sure you can carry all your groceries in one trip, hold your children for longer periods of time, or give you an edge for any manual labor jobs out there. They also serve as a stunning visual cue for your peers that you are the kind of person who takes the time to care for himself through fitness, health, and nutrition. It also doesn’t hurt that they look very appealing as well. In our modern era, having a good appearance and perception are big contributors to our identity, and having some quality guns help a lot when inspiring some self-esteem and confidence.

In this article, we’re providing you with some of the best arm exercises we have found to build major mass and put your biceps and triceps to the test.

The Best Bicep Exercises


Biceps are without a doubt, one of the most popular muscles that people look to train during an arm workout. If you’re a regular gym veteran or a total gym newbie, biceps are something you are most likely familiar with. It is one of the most famous muscles there are. During your time in the gym, you’ve most likely seen some crazy weird exercises that can target your bicep muscles in different ways. But we believe the tried and true exercises are typically the most effective. The best part is they are usually the most simple as well. Try these exercises out and see the results for yourself. 

1. Dumbbell Bicep Curls Arms Workout

Dumbbell Bicep Curls

These are easily one of the most recognizable arm exercises there are and for good reason. It is one of the best exercises for building muscle mass in your biceps and is a staple in the fitness world. If the bicep curl isn’t already part of your arm workout routine, it is definitely time to start including it. Using dumbbells instead of an ez bar will ensure that you are unilaterally conditioned, meaning both your arms are as strong as one another.

How To: Start by grabbing a pair of dumbbells in each hand and stand with your feet positioned about shoulder width apart. Make sure to pick a weight that is manageable for you but will also put you right at muscle failure near the end of your sets. To begin the exercise, keep your elbows tucked close to your side and your upper arm parallel to your torso. Then bend your arm right at your elbow and curl the dumbbells upward with palms facing up until the weight reaches your shoulder. Once you hit the peak, hold for a second and then begin to lower slowly. Keep the tension on the muscle before repeating again with the other arm. Once you have completed this motion with both arms, count one rep.

Reps: 10 – 12

Sets: 3 – 5 

2. EZ Bar Curl Arms Workout

EZ Bar Curl

An EZ bar curl is pretty straightforward to perform, or “easy” if you will. Using an EZ bar with an undulating handle will help stimulate better muscle activation in your biceps. The utilization of the bar allows both arms to work together, allowing you to pull more weight. Increasing volume through the amount of reps and total weight will lead to greater muscle growth.

How To: Pick up a free weight EZ bar – or cable machine if you can’t find a free weight variant – and set the weight to a few dozen pounds under what you bench. Grab the bar with both hands with your palms facing up and then curl your arms in unison until the bar reaches up to your chest. Form should be close to that of dumbbell curls with your elbows aligned and kept tightly to your sides. Keep a straight back and your shoulders back for the entire exercise.

Reps: 10 – 15

Sets: 4 – 5

3. Hammer Curls Arms Workout

Hammer Curls

Hammer curls are the less popular cousin of the bicep curl, but they are great at hitting the brachialis muscle in your arm. It is found right next to your bicep on the outside of your upper arms. By targeting this muscle in your workouts, you’ll be able to add more mass to your arms and help your biceps get that oh so coveted peak people are looking for.

How To: Keep your form as you would a normal dumbbell bicep curl, so standing with your feet shoulder width apart with a slight bend in your knees. Hold a pair of dumbells in your hands with your palms facing inwards, toward your body. This is the main difference between the bicep and hammer curl as you will maintain this position for the exercise. Keeping your elbows close to your body, slowly curl the dumbbell up to your shoulders, keeping your palms facing inward. Hold it for a second at the top and then lower the weights. Repeat this with the other arm to complete a rep. 

The Best Triceps Exercises

The best triceps workouts

As good as biceps look and feel, the reality of the situation is that they are more vanity muscles than work horses. Don’t be fooled by the public’s obsession with these two muscles on the front of your arm though. The true powerhouse of your arms are the underrated triceps. They contain much more muscle mass than your biceps, but often get neglected due to people’s pursuit of bulging t-shirt arms. Triceps sit on the back of the upper arm and contain the key to really strengthening your upper body and maximizing your potential. 

4. Cable Tricep Extension Arms Workout

Cable Tricep Extension

Tricep Pushdowns are one of the best exercises for developing your triceps. It is most commonly used on a cable machine, a common staple at most gyms, but it can be modified to be done without one. It is a versatile exercise that can benefit both beginners and veterans alike. Yout triceps brachii is located at the rear of your upper arm and consists of three parts: the long, lateral, and medial heads. The best way to build up your arms is to work all three of these heads and the triceps extensions do just that, but focuses a little bit more on the long head.

How To: Grab a cable machine and a rope attachment and set it to the highest position. Put on some manageable weights, something heavy enough that you will be on the verge of muscle failure at your last set. Position yourself one to two feet away, facing the machine with your feet shoulder width apart. Start by grasping the individual rope ends in each hand. Keeping your elbows tucked to your sides, extend your arms downward until you have reached full extension while squeezing your triceps. Slowly raise your arms back up and then rinse and repeat. 

Reps: 11 – 15

Sets: 3

5. Dumbbell Kickbacks Arms Workout

The kickback is one of the most effective triceps exercises, activating about 85% – 90%  of your muscles. This move is efficient because it also targets all three of the heads on the tricep brachii. This move is also more user-friendly to beginners and accessible to those without machines. You really have to engage your muscles in order to move the weight up and down and you’ll feel it in your arms.

How To: Grab dumbbell or kettlebell with a challenging weight and position yourself on a weight bench. Place your left knee on the bench and lean forward with your left hand in alignment with your left leg, supporting your weight. Now place your right foot on the floor with your right arm grasping the weight. Keep your back straight, your core tight and your active leg slightly bent for the duration of this exercise. To begin, lift your right arm so that it is perpendicular to the floor and parallel to your torso. Keep your elbow tucked in close to your side and then raise your right forearm backward until it is fully extended backward and parallel to your body. Once you hit this point, slowly lower your forearm until it is back to the starting point, perpendicular to the floor. Continue this motion to finish your reps and then flip it. Repeat it with your left side with everything the same, but mirrored to accommodate your left arm.

Reps: 8 – 10 per side

Sets: 3 – 4

6. Diamond Push-ups Arms Workout

Diamond Push-ups

Possibly one of most effective and challenging tricep exercises on this list. The best part is that this one doesn’t require any additional equipment. All you need is some determination and a flat surface. It needs a formidable amount of upper body strength to perform properly, so don’t be afraid to start on your knees if you find it too difficult to complete. You’ll be able to work your way up to your toes with enough work. The great thing about this exercise is that it will workout your shoulders and chest as well.

How To: Position yourself into a standard push-up position with the only difference being the positioning of your hands. Place your hands on the floor directly under your chest with your thumbs and fingers touching their respective counterparts forming a diamond shape. Straighten your legs into a plank like position or with your knees on the floor for the easier variant. While keeping your back straight and your core tight, bend your elbow and lower your body until you are just above the ground. Slowly lift yourself back up to your starting point, all while maintaining form with hands firmly together and still centered under your chest. Continue this for the rest of the set.