6 Ways To Stay Motivated For Weight Loss



6 Ways To Stay Motivated

For Weight Loss

Weight Loss is always a long, tiring but rewarding journey. One needs to stay motivated all the while. If you give up, you give up on your health. Life is all about being healthy and spreading joy! Agree ?

I am sharing a few tips from my personal experience that have kept me going. You may please contribute to the list, everyone will benefit with your inputs.

6 Ways To Stay Motivated For Weight Loss

6 Ways To Stay Motivated For Weight Loss now

1. Have a partner in crime 😛

If you have a partner in your weight loss journey, it becomes a cake walk. You won’t feel depressed when you face a plateau or not able to focus. If you get a partner in gym, its even better. I don’t have a partner in  gym but I discuss a lot about my weight loss with my bestie. She also does the same. Sharing your problems keep stress away which causes huge weight gain. If you are not aware of this fact, read it here.

2. Decide your reward that you deserve when you attain your short term goal

Always divide your long term goal in short chunks, read here. For example – when I fulfill my target of the month, I allow myself to relish cheese pasta or veg sizzler. Oh! I am drooling. 😛

3. Don’t lose focus , keep your target in front of your eyes !

If you have not read the book – The Secret, please read. Else watch the video on Youtube. Its a short film of about 1.5 hours. I have inked my goal weight on a big stickie and put in on my wardrobe right in front of my bed. I see it as first thing in the morning and also before dozing off at night. This has proved to be an immense motivation which keeps me off cheating.

4. Motivation object

I always buy a Smaller dress, 1 or 2 size smaller than my current size. i wear it every week trying to gauge my progress. Every time I wear it, my determination to become fit and flaunt the perfectly fitted dress, becomes stronger.

5. Don’t be too tough on yourself

On at outing, if your skinny friend is eating pizza, please settle on a sub or a salad. Homemade food is healthy but if it prevents you to socialize ,your weight loss journey would become frustrating. You can enjoy meals outside with your friends and family. Just learn to eat smart, read here.

6. Change your workout schedule regularly

If you are the kind of person who gets bored of going to gym, you can opt for other workouts that are equally good for fat burning. You can read a few options of such workouts here , here  and here

These were 6 Ways To Stay Motivated For Weight Loss. What are your favorite ways for motivation ?


My best wishes for your weight loss journey !

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