7 Days Weight Loss Plan



7 Days Weight Loss Plan


If you are a regular reader of health and weight loss articles then you must have had seen various diet meal plans making rounds on internet. Keeping in view the difficult and inbound Covid-19 times, people have gained a lot of weight, so everyone is all the more looking for quick and easy weight loss meal plans.

Here we plan to make things easy for those who are interested in some healthy yet quick weight loss. But before that I just wish to convey a small message that 7 Day Weight Loss Plan or Cabbage Soup Diet are different names of GM diet. You can read about GM diet in detail here. I won’t comment on how good or fad the diet is, since the result it gives are extremely subjective.

Now coming to the 7 Days Weight Loss Plan, we have tried to control calorie intake keeping in view the low level of outdoor activity these days.

  • Breakfast-

7 Days Weight Loss Plan

It is the best to start your day with one cup of low-fat milk with 2 tablespoon oats or cornflakes with a tablespoon of Chia Seeds added to it.

  • Mid morning Meal-

A glass of plain or salted lassi.

  • Lunch-

7 Days Weight Loss Plan

For lunch you can have dalia khichdi loaded with seasonal vegetables. Along with that part from that, you can eat two bowls of that khichdi or porridge to satiate your cravings. Better way to feel fuller easily is to make the khichdi a little soupy. To do so you can add tomato soup or even some curd.

herbal tea

Tea time-

Replace regular sugar and milk based tea with green tea or have tea without sugar…. if that too is not possible then cut sugar intake to half.


A bowl of mixed fresh fruits, or a glass of low fat milk with a mix of 10-12 mixed dry fruits. To improve immune system add a teaspoon of turmeric powder to this milk.

dry fruits

Mid meal snack:

Melon seeds, walnuts or almonds

I just wish to say that Weight Loss is  not a matter of a few days , it could take a few months or years ! Please don’t feel demotivated and keep going !

7 Day Weight Loss Plan



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