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The simplest way to stay protected from common ailments, strengthen the mind and body is practicing yoga daily. In some ways, good hygiene and proper eating habits are beneficial, but yoga for immunity can also improve the body’s ability to combat infection and enable you to live a healthy and happy life. As a way to strengthen the defense system of the body, Yogic experts encourage the daily practice of yoga and meditation. An efficient immune system allows you to combat pathogens, keeping you healthy and free from any ailments.

Here are a few yoga poses/asanas intended to provide you with the additional benefits of improved immunity.

#1 Eagle pose or Garudasana.


Garudasana is a standing yoga pose in which one arm has to be twisted with the other and one leg has to be twisted with the other which makes the pose look like an Eagle bird.


  1. Take a squat chair pose.
  2. While putting weight on the left foot, put your right foot over the left foot and attach it to the calf.
  3. Place the right thigh over the left thigh as high as you can.
  4. Adjust your arms and cross your left arm to the right, crossing the wrist and attaching your elbows.
  5. Raise your elbows to the height of the shoulders while holding your shoulders, shifting away from your ears.
  6. Keep your head and spine straight
  7. Hold this position for five to seven breaths and repeat from opposite arms and legs.


  • This balanced pose is the best yoga for immunity as it enhances the immune system by improving blood circulation.
  • The squeezing activity in the legs and arms tends to increase blood circulation and remove toxins from the body.
  • It improves the concentration level.
  • It relieves stiffness between shoulder blades and across the spine.


Avoid doing this pose if you have ankle, wrist, and knee injury. Pregnant women in the third trimester should not perform this pose/asana.

#2 Mountain pose or Tadasana


Mountain Pose is the basic posture of all standing yoga postures. One needs to practice this pose perfectly to be able to learn other yoga asanas for immunity.


  1. Stand upright and the legs apart.
  2. Raise your arm upwards while inhaling slowly and interlock your fingers.
  3. Slowly stand on your toes and stretch your body upwards.
  4. Hold your breath in this position, then exhale slowly while getting to the previous position.


  • This is the simplest yoga pose to stretch the entire body and boost immunity.
  • It also strengthens the nervous system and flexibility of joints.
  • It increases concentration.
  • It improves body posture and lengthens the spine.


People with low blood pressure problems avoid holding onto this position for too long as it may cause dizziness. Avoid doing this pose if you have strain on your back, muscle weakness, and severe migraine.

#3 Locust pose or Shalabhasana


Shalabhasana is a Sanskrit word where shalabh means grasshopper or locust, and Asana means yoga poses. The final posture of this yoga pose appears like a locust.


  1. Lie on the stomach and put arms at the sides parallel to the floor.
  2. Inhale and lift your head looking forward. Hold your chest and arms upon exhaling.
  3. Keep your arms close to the torso, with your palms facing down.
  4. Use your inner thigh to lift your legs up towards the ceiling.Your weight should rest on your lower ribs, belly & front pelvis.
  5. Raise your upper body and extend your hands back to your foot. Hold this position for about ten seconds.


  • This pose enhances the blood circulation in the intestine and rectal muscles resulting in improved digestion and stronger immunity.
  • This pose also relieves back pain caused by long working hours and improves body posture.
  • Only five-ten minutes of this pose can help you reduce your body weight.


People with slip discs, severe sciatica, and prolapsed uterus should avoid doing this yoga pose.

#4 Standing Backbend or Anuvittasana


Anuvittasana is the Sanskrit word for ‘Standing Backbend Pose.’ The backbend poses are the best yoga poses for immunity as they detoxify the adrenal glands.


  1. Stand straight and place your palm on your lower back with your finger pointed downwards or facing forward.
  2. Bend your upper body backward while pushing your trunk forward.
  3. While looking upward, support your body weight with your hands.
  4. Inhale as you begin the pose
  5. Exhale on arching your spine backward keeping the eyes open.
  6. Hold for about five breaths.
  7. Bring your body to relax as you are standing with a deep breath and focus on calming your body.


  • The deep stretching with this pose enhances the functioning of the lungs and heart and strengthens the lower spine.
  • The muscle stretch of the abdomen also improves digestion and reduces inflammation of the body, which helps in boosting immunity.


People with neck injuries and heart diseases should avoid doing this pose/asana.

#5 Child pose or Balasana


It is a concluding yoga posture, for breath relaxation allowing you to come to peace with the body.


  1. Sit on your knees apart, with the hips touching your heels.
  2. Put the hands backward and palm down
  3. While exhaling bend down, bringing your chest between the thighs.
  4. Hold onto this posture for two minutes with normal breathing.
  5. While raising your body to return to the previous position inhale slowly.


  • Balasana is an important yoga posture to enhance immunity.
  • It tones the abdominal muscles, strengthening the mechanism of digestion.
  • It stretches your lower back and your spine as it relaxes your body.
  • It helps in reducing back and neck pain.


People with knee and ankle injuries should avoid doing this pose.

#6 Cobra pose or Bhujangasana


Bhujangasana appears like a snake with a lifted crown. It is also a chest expanding posture that helps to stimulate white blood cells that strengthen immunity.


  1. Lie on your tummy and keep your legs close.
  2. Place your hands near the last ribcage, keep your elbows parallel, and close to your body.
  3. While inhaling, raise your upper body and arch your spine back with the support of your hands.
  4. Hold the arms straight, unlike the planks, and keep this pose for twenty-five seconds.
  5. Exhale while coming back to the ground and lie on your tummy.


  • This pose strengthens the spine, abdominal muscles, arms, and shoulder.
  • Daily practice improves digestion and boosts immunity.
  • It helps in relieving stress.
  • This pose is very beneficial for asthmatics.
  • This pose also enhances the male and female reproductive systems.


  • People with severe back injuries should avoid doing this pose.
  • Pregnant and menstruating women should avoid doing this pose/asana.

#7 Chair pose or Utkatasana


This pose strengthens the entire body especially the thighs. It includes sitting down, as though you were going to collapse into a chair, but maintaining the position to balance and reinforce your muscles.


  1. Stand straight with arms alongside.
  2. Raise your arms straight with your palm facing each other.
  3. While exhaling bend your knees such that the thighs become perpendicular to the ground.
  4. Remain in this position for 30 seconds.
  5. While inhaling slowly stand straight again.
  6. Repeat it five times.


  • This pose enhances the balance and strength of the body.
  • It activates the heart and abdominal muscles.
  • It helps in removing excess fat from thighs.
  • It strengthens legs and arms muscles.
  • It aligns the spine.


People who have chronic knee, spine, and neck injuries should avoid doing this pose.


Yoga is a holistic discipline that improves our external physique as well as the immune system. Yoga for immunity consists of yogic methods of breathing that help to protect the lungs and stimulate the body’s immune system. In addition to maintaining a nutritional diet, having enough sleep, and remaining stress-free, you should practice yoga daily under professional guidance. Above mentioned yoga poses, when practiced daily, will provide you with an immune system that is healthy and strengthened.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What’s the significance of breathing while doing yoga?

A. Controlled inhalation and exhalation are important phenomena in yoga for immunity which allow oxygen to reach the deepest cells of different organs and improves blood circulation. It promotes the movement of lymphatic fluid in the human body and strengthens the immune system.

Q. How to escape accidents in Eagle Pose?

A. Do not force the knees and hold the position beyond your capacity. Concentrate on a single point in the front to maintain the balance.

Q. How is yoga different from other physical exercises

A. Yoga is more than a physical posture, unlike stretching or exercise. In yoga for immunity breathing technique is applied with different poses such that body movement, blood circulation, and mind fluctuation are aligned and balanced with controlled breathing. This connection of breath, mind, and body allows us to focus inwards.

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