A dental practice to be proud of



A dental practice to be proud of 1

3shape explains how its digital offering, in particular the Trios intraoral scanner, can help build a more successful practice.

We think you’ll find your patients are happier and your practice is more successful with Trios intraoral scanners. We’ll also make sure to help you onboard smoothly and learn about additional functionality at your own pace.

How your practice will benefit

More successful

The happier your clients, the better for your business. Therefore give them a faster, more comfortable experience with 3shape Trios digital scanners.

Smooth digital journey

Get off to a smooth start on your digital scanning journey with targeted onboarding, online training, and more.

Expanded expertise

Start with the treatments you want and then expand your expertise and your offering – at your own pace.

Less chairtime, more comfort

Happy clients = more success

Happy patients are good for your practice. Give them a faster, more comfortable experience with 3shape Trios digital scanners. They’ll then come back – and refer their friends.

You can also promote your clinic with a chance to experience the latest in dental technology. And you’ll gain efficiency and profits through savings on materials and lab fees, streamlined processes, and also less time spent chairside.

Calculate savings utm.io/ud127.

Help throughout the learning curve

A smooth digital journey

Everything you need for a smooth digital journey. Onboarding by our partners helps you get started right away. Then, you’ll have access to extensive online training developed by 3shape Academy experts.

And if you want to dive deeper, stay up-to-date with digital innovations, or explore new indications, then there’s a long list of advanced learning opportunities available.

Sessions with key opinion leaders, on-demand webinars, how-to guides, and a support forum inside our 3shape Community are just a few.

  • 3shape Academy – utm.io/ud13a
  • 3shape Community – utm.io/ud13d
  • And 3shape Online Learning Hub – utm.io/ud13e.

Expanded expertise

Trios intraoral scanners open the door to expanding your clinical expertise. We also offer a wide selection of treatment planning options spanning clear aligners, traditional orthodontics, implantology, guided surgery, and beyond.

Just decide which treatments you want to start with and then strengthen your skills and knowledge at your own pace.

Trios won’t force you to begin with more than you’re comfortable with. And access to thousands of labs and manufacturers means you’ll never feel locked in.

Explore Ecosystem – utm.io/ud13i.

Any questions, please reach out at ukenquiries@3shape.com.