A Message From Our President & CEO Lynda Ricketson



Thank you for the very warm welcome to Dental Lifeline Network!

The entirety of my professional career has been in the nonprofit sector. As such, I’ve had the good fortune of seeing the best in people, both in terms of their financial support, but also their donation of time and talent. I’ve never witnessed anything like Dental Lifeline Network. I am awestruck by the generosity of the dentists and labs and commitment of so many others to our mission. I hope you are all proud of everything you have done to bring over $500M of donated dental treatment to over 165,000 individuals. That’s a stunningly large figure and it was made possible by our incredible network of volunteers, board members and staff who make it all happen.

During my first month, I’ve given my best effort to glean as much wisdom as I can from Fred before his final day on March 11th. He has been incredibly generous with his time and I am very grateful for that and all he’s done to make Dental Lifeline Network so successful.

Throughout February, I’ve learned a great deal about the difficulty veterans face accessing dental care and have made connections with leadership from the Veterans Administration. DLN has been invited to participate in the ADA Give Veterans a Smile Summit in May and I am excited to be sharing how DLN is continuing to help support veterans by continuing to provide them comprehensive dental care throughout the nation.

It’s been a pleasure being able to connect with our board members, both national and state-level, as well as the many other strategic partners we have while getting to know our amazing volunteers. 

Last but certainly not least, working alongside this wonderful team of DLN staff members gives me confidence we’ll reach our next milestone. They are driven individuals committed to continue helping save and change the lives of many. We are currently in the process of hiring a new Vice President of Development who will help us continue pursuing this mission and am thrilled that we’ve garnered the interest of many talented candidates. We hope to complete the interviews by mid-March and to potentially make an offer by the end of March. Be on the lookout for news regarding that hire soon by following us on Facebook and Instagram.

Again, I want to acknowledge Fred’s amazing leadership of this organization. We hope his retirement is full of fun travel and his pursuit of hobbies.




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