A New Certified Global Educators First Session



Nowshin, a Certified Global Educator for Know Your Lemons, completed her first education session last week. For new educators unsure of where to start, educating family and friends is both a great way to build confidence in your teachings, but also an incredible way to show the women (and men) in your life how important it is to “Know Your Lemons”. Here is how Nowshins first education session went, in her own words:

“I was both nervous and excited about my first education session, which I hosted last week. I invited a few of the most important women in my life and we all had an amazing time learning about breast health (and drinking lemonade!). I think the best part of my session was that even though these women had a pretty strong background in breast health and have always had resources available to them, they all learned something new.

They absolutely loved the visuals and, without me even asking, told me they loved how engaging and interactive the session was. Everyone especially loved the parts with Mona Lisa giving information about self-exams! A lot of them are wondering when my next session is going to be so their friends can attend, and I look forward to planning a virtual event and educating more people. I had such a positive experience and can’t wait to help more individuals know their lemons!”



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