A Training Journey – Working out and Setting Goals



Everyone’s fitness journey is so unique. Everyone has different goals and preferred methods of working out. Training may sound intimidating sometimes but it is the best way to find new ways to workout, reach your goals, and make progress! Have you ever thought “training looks cool but it’s not for me”? Well, it can be! Training can be for everyone no matter what your goals are! Each client has different things they want to work on – weight loss, strength building, flexibility, or just getting more active. Our coaches help tailor workouts to fit your needs, goals, fitness levels, and training style.

We love getting to know our training clients, their goals, and their why! Hearing these stories is why we do what we do. Training can give you the confidence you need in yourself and working out. It can help you feel strong and do things you didn’t think were possible. One of our training clients, Iris, shares why she started personal training.

“I started training because I had severely injured my lower back and regular day to day tasks were debilitating. I knew I needed a professional to help ensure I could work to get my back stronger without further injuring myself. Little by little we did it and before I knew it I was back to being able to enjoy the outdoors, run with my son, get back into Jiu Jitsu and more. I continue to train because it has made such a huge impact on not only my physical health but also my mental and emotional health. It’s the one thing I get to do a few times a week to take care of me. We set goals, accomplish them, then set some more. It’s hard work but it’s so much fun.” – Iris

Iris and Aimee workout with Coach Brady. They show us that reaching your goals can be fun and challenging. Their goals are to get stronger, hit new PRs, and make progress. Working out together helps them stay accountable, push each other, stay positive, and have fun. When checking out their training session with Coach Brady you can really tell that they have the perfect balance of hard work and fun. Working out doesn’t have to be boring and a chore – it can be exciting and rewarding.

“One of the greatest blessings from training is gaining such an amazing accountability buddy in Aimee. Not only has training together strengthened our bodies, muscles, and mind but it has also strengthened our friendship and work relationship. With a Trainer like Brady and a buddy like Aimee I always look forward to our sessions, and I plan on continuing to do them for a very, very long time.” – Iris

A Training Journey – Working out and Setting Goals 1

Finding a trainer that can help you reach your goals is so important! At VASA, we have different trainers to help fit your needs and goals. Check out what Aimee has to say about her fitness journey, finding the right coach, and getting stronger.

“Brady is an amazing coach. He knows what works for Iris and I and adapts the training to what each of us needs. I train because it builds my confidence and brings happiness but of course it’s also for me to lose weight and build muscle as well. Brady and Iris are my motivators to keep going on the hard days or pushing myself beyond my limits that I didn’t know existed. Brady knows that when I lift, he cannot tell me how much I’m lifting or I will play the mental game and tell myself I can’t do it, and he proves me wrong every time and celebrates my little wins and PRs. I remember when I first started my training journey at VASA and I couldn’t figure out my deadlift form and didn’t even use weights to practice. When I started using weight I would only use 20/30lbs and focus on my right form but I remember it being so hard for me at the time. But now Brady has shocked me with the things he knew I could accomplish and had me PR my deadlift at 210lbs without me knowing it until he told me after. There was an amazing celebration moment with all three of us. We were so proud of each other and we are already excited to work harder to hit our next PR.” – Aimee

Trainers help their clients reach new heights that they didn’t think were possible. They are there to cheer their clients on, hold them accountable, and help them create a plan unique to them! Coach Brady works with Iris and Aimee on things that are important to them while personalizing a program to fit their needs.

A Training Journey – Working out and Setting Goals 2

“I love seeing people develop into their potential, and being a Coach I get to witness and be a part of that every day. Aimee and Iris have always had a great work ethic and have trusted me with their goals. Some days/weeks are harder than others, but proper planning and adjusting allows us to work around their lives and their problems, and still make progress.” – Coach Brady

As we said, everyone’s fitness journey is different! And that’s okay. The best part about fitness is that it is for everyone – no matter what your goals are.

A Training Journey – Working out and Setting Goals 3

“I do want to share that my Fitness Journey has been a roller coaster and that’s normal. I have had my ups and downs of losing weight and gaining it back and having to build your strength all over again and it can be so frustrating. But since training with Brady, he makes it a point to make sure I don’t give up on myself and holds me accountable to keep going, along with my accountability buddy, Iris.” – Aimee


“Brady has done such an amazing job at making sure Aimee and I both get what we need from our training. He pushes us, because he knows we can do more. When we have bad days and feel like we can’t lift heavier, or finish a set, he is there to motivate and inspire. We laugh, we cry, we conquer.” – Iris

Each story is going to be a little different but we can look to those to find inspiration and motivation. Start your fitness journey today and book a free FIT Session with one of our amazing trainers. You are sure to find a coach that is right for you and your goals. Remember, training is for everyone, whether you are wanting to lose weight, build strength, get flexible, hit PRs, or get a little more active. Our trainers are ready to personalize a program for you!


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