Aerobic Exercise And Weight Loss



Aerobic Exercise And Weight Loss

Aerobics also known as cardio is a physical exercise,  includes low to moderate intensity exercises that use the oxygen in the air to increase energy level of body. It  increases heart rate and make muscles working, starts rushing  blood through veins to provide oxygen to the lungs. Aerobics requires fast hand and arm movements.

aerobics weight loss

Aerobics increases the efficiency and capacity  of lungs as the oxygen level required is increased, further results in healthy lungs, reduces the risk of heart attack by  making heart stronger. Energy level is increased and stress level is reduced resulting in good mental health and physical health.

Aerobic Exercise And Weight Loss

Extra pounds can be shed by calorie deficit, when you use more calories than you consume, weight is lost. For example, When you walk an hour at moderate pace, you lose 300 calories, you can use these tricks to burn more calories and  shed weight . Only exercise  won’t help in lose weight, check on calorie consumption is necessary.

Few Points has to kept in mind while doing aerobics:

  1. It should be continued to 30-60 minutes, 3-5 days in a week.
  2. Safety measures should be considered.
  3. Consult your physician first.
  4. Meet your Cardio vascular goals.
  5. Aerobics Exercise involves big muscles.
  6. Enjoy your activity.

Aerobic exercise includes walking ,jogging, skipping ropes, bike ride , these are simple to go with when you want to do aerobics outdoors. Gyms also organize aerobics class if you want to work out indoors. Try treadmill, cross trainers, exercise bikes, Stairmaster. Top few aerobics exercises in detail:

Aerobic Exercise And Weight Loss

  1. Walking: It is the simplest exercise to do indoors as well as outdoors. Anyone can start with walk easily and lose weight. Walking at moderate speed for 30-60 minutes, 3-5 days a week can help you lose adequate weight. You can take a walk in park, on treadmill, in mall, along streets or you can park your vehicle few miles away from destination and walk towards destination.
  2. Jogging: Highly fit person can go for jog instead of walk, or jog and walk  in between. It can be done indoors and outdoors. Jogging at stationary position can be done indoors. jogging at moderate speed is proved to be more beneficial.
  3. Cycling: Cycling is another easy and convenient activity, anyone can perform it and lose weight. Beginners will feel a bit problem in continuing the activity for desired time but slowly and gradually the time could be increased for the activity with practice. Cycling could be done indoors on cycling machine and outdoors on moving bicycle. Note: Those with knee problem should avoid jogging and cycling.
  4. Swimming: Those who know swimming can lose weight in  fun, and those who don’t know , join classes. Those who don’t like exercise but want to lose weight, swimming is the best option. Beginners need to practice a lot to reach the target time period . One can easily achieve the target heart rate by swimming. Note: Those with Heart problems should consult their doctor first.
  5. Dance: Now this is more enjoyable and fun way to lose. Groove your body on the rhythm of music and lose. You can join dance classes or just play the music and get go. Those who get bored of  exercises could take a break and dance, this will not disturb your workouts and burn calories .
  6. Use  Staircase: If you don’t want to pay for gym still want to lose, include this simple exercise in your routine. Stop using    lifts in offices or apartments, and use staircase. If  you are already a member of gym or want to join , you can always use Stairmaster equipment in gym to get the activity done.

But before doing these aerobics activities, warm up and stretching is must. It’s very important to do them  before  exercises to avoid pulling of muscles and to carry exercises smoothly. Here are some tips to’ how to do stretching ‘as it is equally important as exercises. You can follow any of these or group of these:

  1. Stand straight with toes touching each other, Take a deep breath and lift both of your arms upwards straight, Exhale and take both of the arms downwards and try to touch your feet, without bending knees.
  2. Open your legs shoulder wide, and Inhale take you arm upwards, Exhale and try to touch left feet with right hand and then right feet with left hand, keep doing it for another 2 minutes .
  3. Inhale, take both arms upwards, stretch your body upwards with arms lifting upwards and try to stand on toes, keep doing it for 2 minutes.
  4. Stand straight with toes touching each other, Inhale and take both hands upwards, join the hands and stretch. Exhale and bent towards right side as much as you can , do the similar way in left side.

 Enjoy your workouts 🙂

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