All about various types of foot pain and treatment – Part 2



All about various types of

foot pain and treatment

Yesterday we talked about foot pain and treatment which infact have so many varients that we decided to do a sequel to it. You can read the foot pain and treatment – part 1 here…..

We knew you want to take better care of your feet and even we couldn’t get enough. Here are some more types of foot pain and how you can get them treated at the earliest to keep your precious feet always ready to serve you.

Various types of foot pain and treatment

Various types of foot pain and how to handle them

  1. Sesamoiditis

Near your great toe are two bones that are connected only by tendons. One can get sesamoiditis when the tendons surrounding them become injured and inflamed. It’s a sort of TendinitisTendinitis, familiar with runners and ballet dancers.

Treating Sesamoiditis:

  • Rest your feet.

  • Ice where it hurts.

  • Wear a footpad under the toe during a comfortable shoe.

  • Tape the large toe to immobilize the joint and permit for healing.

  • Wear low-heeled shoes.

  • Ask your doctor about steroid injections.

  1. Arch Pain

types of foot pain and treatment

Also called plantar fasciitis, this is often the foremost common explanation for arch pain. You can feel pain in your heel, arch, or both. Treatment is that the same no matter the situation.

Flat feet happens when the arch of the feet remains in constant contact with the floor when standing or walking, causing foot pain and other problems. One can get relief from;

  • shoe inserts,

  • shoe adjustments,

  • rest,

  • ice,

  • employing a walking cane or brace,

  • physiotherapy.

  • Sometimes surgery is essential.

  1. Toe Pain

types of foot pain and treatmentGout, which may be a sort of arthritis, can cause pain within the toes. Here, the large toe is usually affected.

Treating Toe Pain:

  • Rest the foot.

  • Take medication, anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), as advised by the specialist doctor.

  • Avoid foods that will make gout worse.

  1. Claw toe

Various types of foot pain and treatmentYou get a claw toe when your toe points down or up and is unable to straighten. It is often caused by weak muscles in the foot, often the result of diabetes or alcoholism. It is recommended to use special footwear to accommodate the claw toe, and you’ll develop irritation and calluses.

Treating Claw Toe:

  • Change to better and more comfortable footwear. Avoid high heels and tight shoes.

  • Do stretches in favor of your toes and toe joints.

  • Try shoe inserts customized to your toe shape

  • Ask your doctor about surgery.

  1. Ingrown Toe Nails

Various types of foot pain and treatment

Most commonly observed when the skin on one or each side of a toenail grows over the nail. It is often painful and should cause infections.

Treating Ingrown Nails:

  • Soak the foot in warm water fourfold each day.

  • Consult a doctor for the right treatment.

So now that we have briefly explained all kinds of foot pains, reasons as well as basic treatment, don’t you think it is time to check your feet and take care of them better!

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