Alternate treatments to prevent coronavirus



Alternate treatments to prevent coronavirus


With the ongoing controversy regarding Patanjali Ayurveda’s claim to treat CoronaVirus through Coronil, the question that is there a cure or vaccine for it is being asked all the more. The medical researchers as well as medical practitioners are trying to experiment with different drugs and medicines.

In order to check if there is any possible cure for the problem called CoronaVirus, alternative medicine forms, like Homeopathy and Ayurveda are also being studied. One such among them is homeopathy, which is being currently taken very seriously as a way of treatment by the common Indians.

Camphora 1M


Rajiv Bajaj, MD of Bajaj Auto is a serious yoga as well as Homeopathic practioner along with his consultant Dr. Rajan Sankaran, a famous homeopathic doctor recommended Camphora 1M, a Homeopathic medicine to fight Corona virus. Rajiv Bajaj had been instrumental in making Maharashtra police and Bajaj Auto employees, use this homeopathic medicine, ‘Camphora 1M’, in order to boost immunity against coronavirus.

Camphora 1M has been used on several patients in Iran and is apparently a coronavirus prophylactic. The government is currently distributing Arsenicum album 30 at AYUSH centres as a preventive medicine against COVID-19 and not Camphora 1M. However, Rajiv Bajaj and other employees are already using it to protect themselves against the virus. As a matter of fact, some homeopathy doctors even recommend Camphora 1M as a curative medicine in case of coronavirus although scientific validation of this claim is limited.

Arsenicum album 30

AYUSH Mantralaya, has issued an advisory to all the states of India and recommended the use of a homeopathic drug named, Arsenicum album 30. This is being considered a form of preventive medicine against COVID-19 or CoronaVirus.

Recently it has been unofficially used widely in almost all over India.  In few states it is being claimed by doctors that mild COVID cases were being successfully treated with homeopathy.

Arsenicum Album is a very common homeopathic medicine, which is used in the treatment of ailments like common cold, cough or the flu. It is a cheap cure to fight any inflammation in the body. Homeopathy has also been suggested to ease off some of the other symptoms which are commonly associated with a flu-like infection, as observed in COVID positive patients.

coronavirus homeopathy

Our Take

On one side there are the medical professionals who are questioning the efforts made by Indian government for not making enough efforts to find some cure for CoronaVirus while on the other side there are alternative medicine practioners who are criticisizing government for not promoting homeopathy, Ayurveda, and other alternate therapies while fighting coronavirus.

The practitioners say that homeopathy undoubtedly can be prescribed as a form of immunity-boosting effort but it is actually happening on the quiet and also being actively encouraged.

Whether it is about Patanjali’s Coronil kit or Homeopathic solutions lke Camphora or Arsenicum Album there are no confirmed positive or negative results in sight. Let us hope that soon some solution comes in sight so that the lives being lost o Covid-19 can be saved.

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