100 seconds with…Amber Ojak



100 seconds with…Amber Ojak 1

Amber Ojak explains why she came up with her EME approach to oral hygiene education and how she hopes it will shape the future of oral hygiene education.

More about Amber Ojak

Amber Ojak is currently a practising dental therapist in Edinburgh. She qualified from the University of Edinburgh in 2018 and has helped some patients with increasing their confidence ever since.

Amber is an ambassador of the BSDHT as well as a council member. She works on many projects with the society and has written many articles for the journal Dental Health.

Amber also writes for other publications such as Oral Health magazine and Dentistry Online. She basis all her articles on her own experience and trying to give a voice to the young generation of dentistry. Amber is tipped to become a leader in dental hygiene and therapy in the future. She is shortlisted as a finalist for a number of awards this year.

Amber has a great passion for helping people and has inspired many students going into the working world. She gives talks at different universities as well as communicating online. She also recently launched her EME approach to tackling oral hygiene education.

In addition to being such an active member of the dental care profession, Amber has a keen interest in travel and all things gin!

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