An Easy Guide on How To Care for Your Wig

by Fitcoachion | Last Updated: July 15, 2020


When diagnosed with breast cancer, there’s a list of new normals you have to adjust to. New schedules to learn, kicking unhealthy habits to the curb, body changes and so on. When starting chemotherapy, there’s a high possibility that many women lose their hair. So many women tell us that when it comes to their journey this is the hardest step of all, because loosing their hair leaves them feeling unlike themselves. But with the beauty industry being so diverse there are so many options to help women undergoing treatment feel more confident and comfortable in their own skin, including wigs!

For those who are new to wig wearing, it’s important that you know how to take care of your wig for long lasting use of it. Wig hair can often require a little more maintenance and care than the hair you might have had before treatment so here are a few easy steps & tricks to living taking the best care of your wig.

Washing Your Wig

Most regular shampoos & conditioners have tons of chemicals and can damage your wig. So when it comes to buying hair care products specifically for your wig, its important to take a look at the ingredients you are using. Most synthetic wigs only need to be washed about every 3 weeks or once every 10-14 wears.

Brushing Your Wig

Just like shampoo & conditioner, wigs require special brushes & combs for long lasting use. Be sure to never brush your wig when it’s damp to avoid damaging it. If your wig is messy or tangled, try lightly spraying it with a mixture of water & conditioner to help detangle it before brushing through it.

Styling Your Wig

There are hundreds of different style wigs out there. So, if you are someone who’s wanting to rock more than one hairstyle, make sure to buy more than one wig. Applying hair styling products or any sort of heat can burn & damage your wig which may result in making it look dull and frizzy. An easy fix is to buy a straight & curly option so that you’re able to switch out when you’d like!

At Home Wig Care

It’s best to get a wig stand for days that you aren’t planning on wearing your wig. A wig stand can help to keep the shape of the hair and is also extremely helpful after washes when it needs to air dry. Depending on the type, air drying a wig can take anywhere between 8-12 hours and having a wig stand can help air circulate through so that it dries evenly. If you don’t have a wig stand, another alternative is to use a can or bottle. Never store you wig in plastic or bags!

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