An Introduction to the ACE Mover Method™



An Introduction to the ACE Mover Method™ 1

Learn why the ACE Mover Method™, which is the centerpiece of ACE’s client-centered approach, is so effective and can help guide your client interactio…An Introduction to the ACE Mover Method™ 2

ACE Mover Method In Action

For decades, ACE has been driven by the fundamental certainty that people are resourceful and capable of change. By meeting them where they are and employing evidence-based strategies, exercise professionals and health coaches can facilitate the development of healthy lifestyle behaviors for the long term.

This has been ACE’s guidepost for years—and it now has a name: the ACE Mover Method. By naming our core philosophy, we clearly articulate this vital concept to the world: educating and inspiring other exercise professionals and health coaches to responsibly lead behavior change in their communities and beyond.

What is the ACE Mover Method?
The ACE Mover Method is a philosophy that facilitating healthy lifestyle behaviors begins with empowering clients to take a personalized journey during which they achieve self-efficacy because the exercise professional or health coach practices empathy and trust, communication and collaboration.

Through actionable steps, the ACE Mover Method offers a way for exercise professionals and health coaches to get people moving toward a better quality of life. It is evidence-based and thus is what sets us apart in a space often crowded with promises of immediate results and short-term successes.

And it represents and underscores ACE’s respected role as a leader in making evidence-based behavior-change facilitation the center point of programs, interventions, and other work to get people moving.
ACE Mover Method in Practice: The ABC Approach
Applying the ACE Mover Method starts with recognizing that a client-centered approach means believing individuals are the foremost experts on themselves. Application of the method means upholding the idea that powerful, open-ended questions and active listening should be the anchor of every conversation.

Empowering people to achieve that change is made possible through application of the ACE ABC Approach: