Another Wildflower Hike



Friday I went with a different hiking group, San Jose Midweek, back to another section of Santa Teresa park where the wildflowers are really beautiful. We worked our way over the hills from the Santa Teresa side to the Almaden Valley side, descending the rocky but scenic Stiles Ranch trail, then returned on a different trail to make a loop. It was a longer hike for me, about 7 1/2 miles, without about 1300 feet elevation gain. I again rode my recumbent to and from the start. So this was a total of about four and a half hours of exercise. I was tired afterward, but it was worth it for the scenery and the flowers.

Another Wildflower Hike 1
Gathering before the start at the Bernal-Joyce ranch entrance to the park
Another Wildflower Hike 2
Working Our Way Up a Steep Slope Through a Field of Mustard Grass
Another Wildflower Hike 3
There were nice displays of poppies everywhere
Another Wildflower Hike 4
And lupines
Another Wildflower Hike 5
Descending the Switchbacks on the Stiles Ranch Trail
Another Wildflower Hike 6
Taking a break at the Stiles Ranch Entrance, With a view towards the Almaden Valley in the distance