Aortic valve anatomy : A complete exploration



Found a wonderful anatomy teaching resource. A succinct yet comprehensive lecture on Aortic valve .A must-read for anyone who deals with valvular Interventions. For the cardiology fellows , I can tell you can’t find anything better than this. Thanks to Prof Gregory M Scalia and the structural heart disease Australia. It starts with this one master diagram of Aorta in the center with all surrounding structures and goes on to ensure we watch this 25-minute lecture nonstop.

Aortic valve anatomy : A complete exploration 1

At the end of the lecture, you should be able to learn about.

  • The complex fusion points of LVOT with Aorta. Understanding them is critical as we deploy Aortic valve percutaneously.
  • Understand the illusion of Aortic annulus.
  • When it is an advantage to keep the aortic valve supra annularly.
  • The Implication of sharing of myocardial cells into the aortic cusp zone, and Aortic tissue into the myocardium.
  • How closely the conduction tissues located beneath the non-coronary cusp making it vulnerable with calcific spur Injury.
  • How pathology of Aortic root with its central location reaches the surrounding tissue.

These are just a few . . . It is a treasure out there.

Over to Prof Gregory Scalia

Please note ,the talk on Aortic valve begins after a brief conference Introduction.If you are not patient enough begin at 2.45mts.