Are you struggling with your weight loss



Are you struggling with your weight loss?

Today’s post is a little delayed one as due to certain issues we were not able to publish new posts last week. I had been thinking about talking to my readers regarding the side effects of being over weight and let me tell you from my personal experience that the worst one is delayed periods. So let us talk about weight loss struggles and delayed periods.

As we all know, ovaries release an egg during ovulation. This happens approximately every 28 days. When there is no fertilization of egg, period start around 14 days later. Generally among married women in India, missed period is considered one of main signs of pregnancy but there might be many other reasons for delayed periods.

By the way do you know that if a woman does not menstruate for 3 months continuously, this is known as amenorrhea which affects nearly 3–4 percent  of women in general.

In this post we will share some information about various reasons for delayed periods and how this problem can be controlled with the help of workable home remedies. Most of the women panic if menstrual cycle is delayed for more than 3-4 days. (Ask Indian moms about it… hahaha)

 What are the reasons for delayed periods

Are you struggling with your weight loss
Are you struggling with your weight loss? It might have connection with your delayed periods.


We have seen that happen during lockdown and Covid19 days when we were all struggling to continue with our regular activity levels. If you have a sedentary lifestyle, there are bright chances for the delay in periods. Inactivity is quite obvious reason for the same. Oh, so if you not a heavy workout person, then it’s high time you gear up with your regular walking schedules. Housewives who indulge in active house hold work or look after kids personally, workout automatically happens for them.


Now this one is the worst culprit especially among younger lot. Most of the working women are a big time victim of stress resulting in delayed periods. The well known fact is that during stress , our body reduces amount of the hormone that makes one menstruate. Thus it is very important to learn how to de-stress. Some tips can be picked up from our previous blog posts here and here.

Lifestyle Changes

At work places the minor as well as major shift change can affect sleep time as well as relationship status. Due to such changes in lifestyle there is a sure-shot delay in periods because the body clock struggles to adjust according to these changes resulting in health problem. A consistent lifestyle is regulate everything.


If you are sick or suffer from thyroid like health issues, chances are, your periods will be delayed. If you are anemic, then also your menstrual cycle would be irregular. Those who are suffering due to this issue can read here how to ease irregular periods. Even change in your medicines can be one of the reason for the shift in cycle.

Obesity/Being Overweight

This is one of the major reasons for missing periods. Being overweight can shift your cycles and can even make it stop for good resulting in more weight gain. Ladies facing problems to conceive are advised by the gynecologists to reduce weight. There is only one solution to this problem – weightloss.

Being Underweight

Very thin and lean women who do not have enough body fat, face this problem of irregular periods. For underweight women gaining weight can solve problem. Read more about it here.

Few other causes

Biological states like Menopause, Peri-Menopause and Pregnancy are some phases in a woman’s life when her periods can be delayed. Do we need to say it aloud that you need to see and consult your doctor.

Diet matters

This is one thing I have observed that a healthy and replenishing daily diet which covers all kinds of tastes and colors can play a major role in making delayed cycles get better.

What do you think can be other reasons for delay in periods?