At-home 30-minute Power Yoga Workout



Hi friends! How’s the day going so far? I hope you’re having a good morning. We’re just taking it easy today and looking forward to catching a swim this afternoon.

Let’s practice yoga together, eh?

At-home 30-minute Power Yoga Workout.

Over the past 9+ weeks, yoga has been even more crucial to me than ever. (And MAN I miss hot yoga studio classes.) It’s helped to stretch out my tight hip flexors from all of the walking we’ve been doing, and given me a chance to just zone out and focus on the present moment. This has been helpful when my mind has been going 1,000 miles a minute lately.

I’ve been sharing video workouts on the blog since 2009, and got my 200-hour yoga certification while I was pregnant with P, but this is the first time I’m posting a yoga video! I delayed getting my yoga certification because I wasn’t sure if I’d want to teach. Yoga has always been a sacred thing that’s just for me, and I worried that if I was analyzing classes to listen for form cues and music flow, that it would take away the magic. It absolutely didn’t. Yoga teacher training did so much for me personally and it changed my practice and my life. (You can check out more about my experience here!)

Even so, I’ve always been a little self-conscious about teaching yoga. I just want to do it right, ya know? I put a lot of pressure on myself and also have the imposter syndrome that I haven’t been teaching yoga very long (I could teach barre, dance cardio, BODYPUMP, spin, strength/HIIT, and bootcamp-style classes ALL DAY) and I’m not the most flexible bird. Like I can’t do any crazy handstands or insane splits. My hamstrings are tight and my heels don’t touch the floor in downward dog. But I LOVE YOGA and decided that I shouldn’t let my insecurities keep me from sharing it with those I love. <— aka you guys!

So here’s my first attempt at recording a yoga flow! I like my classes to be a little faster-paced (so it feels like a workout), with lots of room for modifications, progressions, and juicy stretches.

At-home 30-minute Power Yoga Workout

Please give it a whirl and let me know what you think!! I’m working on revamping my YouTube channel and posting more workouts there if you’d like to subscribe, too. (This video was blocked because I have background music playing, so please pin it or save it if you’d like to do this one in the future.)

Have a lovely morning and I’ll see ya soon!


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