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Sharing a TRX workout that you can do at home that will work your entire body! The TRX is an incredible piece of gym equipment that uses your own body weight as resistance. You can easily modify or progress the exercises by changing up how far away you’re standing from the anchor point. 

Hi friends! How’s the day going?? I hope you’re having a wonderful morning. Liv is at school full-time for the first time in a year (wahoo!!!) and P is on spring break, so we’re here chilling. We’ll probably hit up the Children’s Museum or Botanical Gardens for a little adventure. I’m also getting things ready for Barre Bootcamp ( pumed… get ready) and catching a workout in the garage later.

It’s crazy to believe that for such a class-hopper and gym lover, I’ve worked out almost exclusively at home for the past year. (I’ll take a hot yoga class as a treat and have taken a couple of Pure Barre classes.) With how much I miss the community vibe of the gym (and teaching in person!!), there are also a lot of benefits to working out at home. It’s nice not having to worry about commute time or childcare and thankfully, we have a lot in our home gym. (We agreed that a squat rack and a treadmill would complete the whole operation!)

I added a couple of things to our gym before everything sold out last spring, and the Pilot installed our TRX! I forgot how much I loved training with the TRX. You can get in a total body strength and cardio workout, and it’s also easily installed in a variety of spaces. You don’t need a ton of room to get in an awesome workout. (Interesting little tidbit: one of the Pilot’s work buddies will travel with his TRX and work out in the sleep rooms! You just attach it to a door frame and boom.)

At-home TRX total body workout 1

In today’s post, I’m sharing one of my go-to home TRX workouts. This is a total body workout that you can easily progress or modify, depending on how far away you are from the anchor point.

At-home TRX total body workout

Here’s what the workout looks like:

At-home TRX total body workout 2

Exercises in this workout:

1) Squat and reach

2) Low rows

3) Chest press

4) Ys and Ts

5) Biceps curls

6) Squat bound

7) Mountain climber

8) Single leg lunge

9) Tuck and pike

10) Hamstring curls

And here’s a full workout tutorial video!

I didn’t do a follow-along video for this one because it’s rep based, not time based. For these types of workouts, it’s better to go at your own pace instead of trying to match mine. I may move more slowly or quickly than the tempo that works for YOU. Instead, watch the video for form cues, modification options, and some fave TRX tips, then blast some music and go for it!

How often do you use the TRX? Do you have a #1 fave piece of gym equipment? My fave at-home cardio option is definitely my beloved Peloton and my fave resistance tool is the band loop. So small, so fiery.

Have a great day, friends!



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