Chuck Patterson Attempts Big-Wave Skiing at Mavericks



In case you haven’t heard, Mavericks has been going absolutely berserk to start the year. The famed Northern California big-wave spot has seen a two-week run of huge surf that has captured the attention of the entire surf world.

January 10 was undoubtedly the biggest (and scariest) day in this miraculous two-week span. With the world’s best big-wave surfers charging the XXL waves––both paddling and tow-in––there is no shortage of jaw-dropping footage from that day. However, there was one ride that was unlike the rest.

Chuck Patterson ditched his surfboard for a pair of skis and ski poles. After getting towed into an XXL wave, Patterson managed to both outrun the saltwater avalanche and carve a buttery turn in the process. Check out his full ride in the video above (Patterson’s ride starts at 0:45).



“Wave of the Decade” | Surf World is Buzzing About an Epic Mavericks Ride

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