Avocado Spread – Easy Recipe



Avocado Spread – Easy Recipe

If you are a regular to our blog, then you must have seen various posts on Avocado. We had been suggesting some quick recipes using Avocado. You can read those blog posts here..and here…

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Today I thought of sharing an easy peasy Avocado spread recipe that my lovely daughter-in-law had made. Frankly speaking, I am not a very big fan of this fruit due to mainly two reasons; one its buttery taste and two, it is a very costly fruit to buy at my place. I would never ever buy a single avocado for 400 or 450 INR. LOL.. I am happy enjoying my tangy green spread prepared with coriander and mint thriving in my kitchen garden, with a crisp toast.  As I said my DIL prepared it and initially made me think, “Omg! what a waste of money to make a spread out of a 400 INR a piece of fancy fruit.” But soon I was comforted and shocked as well to know that she gets Avocados real cheap in Bangalore. Hmmm! well I know she is a sensible girl who knows the value of money. (Haha… so much of that MIL factor in me.)

Anyways, we know that avocado is the native fruit of Mexico and Central America. It is surely a calorie-dense food with 100 gms of the fruit providing 160 calories. Though the good news is that more than two-thirds of its calories come from monounsaturated oleic acid. If we consume monounsaturated fats in place of polyunsaturated fats and carbs, we reduce our chances of weight gain and diabetes.

Avocado Spread - Easy Recipe

Health Benefits of Avocado; Why we must eat it..

There are some more reasons for consuming avocado…

  • Avocado is a very good source of omega-9 fats.
  • It helps in reducing the level of bad cholesterol (LDL) and raising good cholesterol (HDL) level.
  • Avocado if added with nutritious vegetables helps in assimilating the vitamins and nutrients present in the veggies also.
  • Avocado helps in reducing hunger as it is calorie-rich that keeps us full for a longer time.
  • Avocado is rich in healthy fiber, protein and is low in carbs.
  • It has anti-inflammatory benefits. So, it helps in preventing arthritis.
  • Avocado helps in regulating blood sugar as it is low in carbs and as well as sugar.
  • Avocado is known to be having anti-cancer benefits too.
  • It is considered heart-healthy.

In India, there are very few areas that grow avocados. The beautiful hill slopes of Tamil Nadu, Coorg, Kerala, and certain areas of Karnataka do grow these extensively.  Hmmm! now we know why my DIL buys the glorious avocados so cheap.

How to select a good Avocado

Experience says that a ripe ready-to-eat avocado has to be a little soft but must not have sunken spots or cracks. It needs to be firm, as can be later ripened at home. Keep in a paper bag at room temperature and it is good to go. Remember, avocado shouldn’t be refrigerated until it well ripens, and once ripe, it can be kept in the fridge for a week at the most.

That was all about the goodness of Avocado… Now let me share the recipe…

Avocado Spread – Easy Recipe

Avocado Spread – Easy Recipe 1


  1. One nice ripe avocado
  2. Black pepper or white pepper powder (according to how sharp you need it)
  3. Red chilli flakes basically to add a bit of color.
  4. Mixed herbs / Italian seasoning ( Domino pizza leftover two pouches will do) 😛
  5. Garlic as per your taste finely chopped. You can roast a few on a girdle to add a bit of smokiness.
  6. Finely chopped Onion(optional as it can reduce the shelf life of spread)
  7. Lemon juice or white vinegar just a bit to add tanginess to the spread.


Just mash everything well with a fork if your avocado is nice and soft. If not that soft, use a blender. Here is the result….

Avocado Spread - Easy Recipe


Easy right? I know… I loved it all the more because I don’t like spending too much of my life’s precious time in the kitchen. So for me this recipe works as in ten minutes I have a bowl full of rich and spicy avocado spread that I can use on a crisp toast during breakfast as well as with evening tea. Aah! did I tell you that you can keep it in the refrigerator for two weeks at least.

Hope you liked this Avocado Spread – Easy Recipe. If yes then don’t forget to share your take on it.

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