BACD supports the next generation of dentists



BACD supports the next generation of dentists 1

We hear what happened at the latest BACD Annual Conference and the lectures on offer for the delegates that went along.

The British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (BACD) is known throughout the profession for its commitment to clinical excellence and its camaraderie.

The academy is as much a community and a family as it is an enabler for education and development. It believes very strongly in supporting professionals at all stages of their careers. As well as offering practical guidance to newly qualified clinicians. While giving more experienced individuals an opportunity to pass on their wisdom.

This was no more apparent than at the recent BACD Annual Conference 2021. Here the organisation recognised the specific needs of its members. Education was dedicated to young dentists for the first time in the event’s history.

The four key skills in composite dentistry

Delegates were nothing but positive about the workshops. Dr Imaan Khalid from Horbury Dental Care commenting: ‘I learnt so much and so much I can implement as soon as I go into practice.’

The morning session was led by Dr Chris McConnell – now the president of the BACD. The morning session offered a very frank overview of ‘The four key skills in composite dentistry’.

Though focused on restorative solutions, Chris provided so much more than clinical hints and tips. As one delegate, Dr William Parker from Goodwin Partnership, commented: ‘Really useful, honest advice on much more than just composites, but also on life as an aspirational dentist.’

Chris opened by highlighting the benefits of finally being able to return to in-person learning. Saying: ‘This is the first time we have been face-to-face in two years, which is massive’.

He introduced his session as one with ‘No embellishments, no hot air’ – and that’s exactly what delegates got!

Chris was clear and concise from the beginning.  He offered practical advice that delegates could take away and implement within their own practices straight away.

He was open and honest about his own failures. And encouraged everyone in the room not to blindly believe what they are taught. Instead, dig deeper to assess the evidence and adapt their protocols or treatment approach accordingly.

To this point, he quoted John Naisbitt’s: ‘We are drowning in information but starved of knowledge’. He impressed upon colleagues the importance of looking beyond the headlines to really understand the science. As well as evaluating the validity of research they read.

Getting hands on

Delegates had an opportunity to get hands on with some of the restorative techniques Chris spoke about, using materials kindly supplied by session sponsor Ivoclar Vivadent.

Other delegate feedback included: ‘A fantastic session with Dr Chris McConnell, detailing the basics of posterior composite dentistry. Chris was very engaging and knowledgeable. He simplified everything very well. I would advise all young dentists to attend his session if struggling with composites’ – Dr Michael Ellis, Bowhouse Dental.

‘Chris’ course contained a wealth of information delivered in an engaging and entertaining manager. He cuts through the [rubbish] and just tells you what you need to know and why’ – Dr Fiona Sloss, Oban Dental Care.

The benefits of composite

In the afternoon, Dr Stewart Beggs discussed ‘Emulate: anterior composite artistry’, building on the foundations of the morning session to offer delegates a step-by-step guide to composite edge bonding in the anterior zone.

Highlighting the importance of biomimetic dentistry, he discussed the benefits of composite as a restorative material, praising the level of control achievable as a driving factor in its popularity.

With aesthetics being so crucial in anterior restorations, Stewart considered what it means to emulate natural teeth, taking delegates through the basics of colour.

He explored everything from isolation, preparation and bonding to layering techniques, finishing and polishing. Delegates were once again presented with an opportunity to get hands-on and apply the concepts discussed to a practical setting.

The benefits of a good composite mock up were clear. Clinicians could pick up a wealth of useful hints and tips from Stewart and each other to introduce within their own dentistry on Monday morning.

Become a part of the family

Outside the young dentist stream, the BACD Annual Conference offered just as many social and networking opportunities as it did education.

This meant all in attendance were able to enjoy some downtime at reception drinks (presented by event Platinum Sponsor, Boutique Whitening), throughout the trade exhibition and at the fantastic Gala Dinner.

Who you know is almost as important as what you know in dentistry. Especially when at the start of your career!

If you are looking for a community to become part of and learn from as you grow, the BACD is just the family you need.

The BACD Annual Conference 2022 will be here before you know it. Plus there is the dedicated Young Dentist Day and many other events for you to attend in the meantime. Find out more today!

The BACD 18th Annual Conference – ICC Wales, Friday 10-12 November 2022.

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