Bad food combinations, according to Ayurveda!

by Fitcoachion | Last Updated: June 6, 2020

Bad food combinations, according to Ayurveda!

In childhood, we’ve always heard our moms tell us not to drink milk after eating papaya and vice-versa. The child in me never questioned the why of it until recently when I read on Ayurveda’s take on some suitable and not so suitable food combinations.

bad food combinations

Types of Food Incompatibility:

In Ayurveda, this is also termed as Viruddha Ahara, and some of these types are dependant on the following factors:

  1. Place – Also called as Desha Viruddha, this food incompatibility includes consuming potent substances like alcohol in deserts or oily and cold substance in marshy lands.
  2. Time – This is Kaal Viruddha when one intakes cold and dry food in winter and hot and pungent substance in summers.
  3. Dose specific – Intake of honey and ghee in equal amounts is Matra Viruddha.
  4. Habit Specific – If you are used to pungent and hot substances, and you end up eating sweet and cold materials, then it is Satmya Viruddha.
  5. Processing Dependant – The method of preparation can cause incompatibility called Samskara Viruddha. Heating honey or overcooking food for them to release poisonous toxins.
  6. Combination DependantSamyoga Viruddha would include an example of consuming sour substances with milk.
  7. Palatability DependantHrudaya Viruddha would be when you consume food which isn’t pleasant to taste
  8. Mode of cooking – Cooking your meals with rotten vegetables, lousy fuel or even over or undercooking it is a part of Paka Viruddha.

Bad food combinations, according to Ayurveda

Wrongful food combinations:

Why you must not eat these food combinations!

Although that is not the case with other varients of dairy, milk should be avoided with fish. The reason behind this is hot of the fish contradicts the cold of the milk. Next, it leads to obstruction of channels of circulation.

bad food combinations according to ayurveda

As they say, your body is a temple, with these tips, we are sure that you’ll continue to treat your body the right way.

That was our collection of food combinations which are not healthy, if you know more of such food combinations, do share with us in comments.

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