Bagrry’s SugarFree Muesli Review



Bagrry’s SugarFree Muesli Review

This ongoing pandemic Covid-19 is driving the mom in me crazy. Why! My daughter, who is a very health-conscious person and is nowadays working from home, every morning comes in the kitchen asking,”What healthy food is there to eat?” And we almost daily have a discussion regarding what is healthy and what is not. Since she was fed up of having oats smoothies so I decided to get some muesli for her to have in breakfast. Earlier I had tried a few brands for Muesli and had liked them as a dry snack more than the cereal so this time made a conscious decision to buy this Sugar-free edition.

Bagrry's SugarFree Muesli ReviewBeing a big brand the packaging looked enchanting with a promise to aid in losing weight. The picture made me excited enough to quickly open the box and try it before I offered it to my daughter. The money-conscious mom forced me to look at the price printed on the backside of the box and it said INR 249 for a box of 400 gm. “Hmmm! Oh, the sugar-free stuff is really costly nowadays and muesli has added dry fruits like almonds and raisins so naturally, it has to be a little overpriced.” I tried my best to justify the number.

Bagrry's sugarfree reviewWell, as I turned over to check the ingredients of this sugar-free muesli, and here is what I saw…..

Bagrry's sugarfree muesli review

  1. Whole rolled oats
  2. Wheat flakes
  3. Maltitol
  4. salt
  5. lemon powder

So if you see this product has the main ingredients as…

  •  Oats and Wheat flakes mixed in the name of “Multi-Grain”
  • It has Maltitol which is a sugar alcohol used as a sugar substitute. Maltitol has 75–90% of the sweetness of sucrose and nearly identical properties. Basically Maltitol is a kind of dehydrated Corn Syrup.

Now coming to the nutritional data….

Bagrry's Sugarfree muesli review

Each serving of 30 gms has…..

  • Calories – 114 kcals
  • Protein – 3.1 g
  • Carbohydrate – 23.2 g
  • Fiber – 2.4 g
  • Fat – 1.5 g
  • Naturally occurring sugars – 0.2 g

Now take a good look at this picture….

Bagrry's sugarfree muesli review

It is clearly mentioned that they recommend two servings a day so you can easily double the nutrition which would you be getting there.

Another eye-catching advice mentioned there is regarding Polyols and Allergen.


  • Calories-

If you are calorie conscious person especially a Millenial, Bagrry’s Sugarfree Muesli is surely going to be your thing because of it being a low-calorie cereal. Even a double serving daily will be just under 250 calories which is a huge positive for someone who eats just 1000 to 1200 calories daily.

  • Sugars-

Well, technically it can be called a Zero sugar cereal because it doesn’t have added white sugar in any form so go-ahead for all those dieters who are looking for so-called much famous ‘NO SUGAR’ products.


  • Multi-grain product

Can Bagrry’s Sugarfree muesli be honestly called a multigrain product? If you ask me, ‘NO’. Multigrain product means many grains so just adding a handful of wheat flakes to rolled oats can’t make a cereal multigrain.

  • Maltitol

Maltitol surely is a kind of sugar so my viewpoint is that it cannot be claimed to be cereal or product with ‘NO ADDED SUGAR’. How healthy is Maltitol as a substitute to sugar can be googled easily so I reserve my comments here.

  • Carbohydrates

Well, my dear Keto dieters and carb-conscious people please don’t even look towards this product. With whooping 23+ g carbs in one serving of just 30 gms you surely will never be able to lose weight.

  • Taste

As I mentioned earlier, I got this product for my health-conscious daughter and it broke my heart when she commented, “It feels like I am eating cardboard.” When I tasted it, I hated the taste which was really bad.

  • Worth the money!

bagrry's sugarfree muesli review

For all those people who are used to spending a bulk of their earnings on such so-called healthy products, I think it is a little cheaper than other muesli products of the same brand but then is it really worth the money spent….. My answer is a big NO.

My Take

If you wish to lose weight and regain health it is better to have a bowl of steamed broken wheat porridge and few spoonfuls of rolled oats with some dry fruits and fresh fruits added to it. These packaged products are not going to help you at all.

Call it, ‘Mommy mindset’ but I think if we start eating fresh vegetarian whole grain meals and homemade products, it will make us healthier and fitter. Surely good health will be a much better pocket-friendly process for everyone.

If you have tried some healthy products and would like to review it, please feel free to mail us. Mail us your reviews here…

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