Barrow and Buxton live: Practice Plan events return with a bang



Barrow and Buxton live: Practice Plan events return with a bang 1

After an absence of more than 18 months, Practice Plan’s popular events returned with a bang recently as the Barrow and Buxton Live Tour hit the road.

Dental business coach Chris Barrow came together with employment and HR solicitor Sarah Buxton, to provide a number of practices with quality and expert advice on some of the hot topics in dentistry right now.

The tour is Practice Plan’s first since the pandemic. It began in Solihull on 15 September with eight events in total set to conclude in Belfast in January.

Recently the tour hit Worsley in Manchester. A number of practices from the north west gathered to learn from both Chris and Sarah. They covered how to tackle the issues of burnout and recruitment. These are two of the biggest challenges facing many in dentistry right now.


Business coach Chris began the event by explaining how almost everyone in the industry is currently burned out. This is due to the huge demand for private dentistry and the scramble to hit NHS activity targets.

As well as giving new and unique tips to tackle this, Chris took practices through the different stages of overcoming the current shortage of staff within the industry.

He broke down what to look for in the ideal team player, and the things practices should do if they need to recruit for a position in the middle of a crisis.

Chris also explained to practices how they can strike the right balance between just filling a position in their team and adapting their workload if they cannot find a suitable candidate.

He then moved on to talk about the correct questions to ask, and the right techniques to use, when conducting interviews in an attempt to find the ideal person for a vacant position.

‘Barrow and Buxton are the business’

In the second part of the morning session, Sarah spoke with practices. She explained the legalities when it comes to recruiting new staff.

She took practices through what they need to avoid in an application process. As well as what questions to avoid asking and what boxes need ticking.

Sarah also took practices through real life examples of how some businesses have fallen foul to certain laws. Even before any candidates have been interviewed for a role.

In the afternoon, Chris and Sarah opened up the floor to questions from the attending delegates. The discussion built on the day’s early topics. Questions asked regarded pay structures, changing contracted hours, the issue of self-employment, employment, and vicarious liability. Chris took practices through a technique to help with having difficult conversations.

Practices took a number of tips and pieces of advice away with them.

Hannah Clark of Liberty Place said: ‘I was looking for a post-COVID re-invigoration and this did not disappoint! Barrow and Buxton are the business.’ Shubbery Dental Practice added: ‘Great speakers! Fun and informative. Learnt lots.’

If you would like to attend one of the remaining Barrow and Buxton Live events at either Stanstead or Heathrow then you can book by going to