BDIA Certificate: Introduction to Dentistry – give your non-clinical team the knowledge to help drive results



BDIA Certificate: Introduction to Dentistry – give your non-clinical team the knowledge to help drive results 1

Darryl Moore explains how the BDIA Certificate: Introduction to Dentistry can help build your non-clinical team’s dental knowledge.

Having a strong, knowledgeable, and confident team in your dental practice can help boost your business to new heights through better communication, fewer errors and happier customers.

Most dental businesses run with clinical and non-clinical teams who take care of different areas of the business.

Typically, an example for the non-clinical staff is treatment coordinators, practice managers, receptionists, and customer service advisers.

Ideally, the non-clinical team need to possess some knowledge of the profession. As well as an understanding of treatments, materials, terminologies and procedures that are essential to work in a dental practice environment.

Inducting and training new non-clinical staff into a dental business to a standard where they feel confident and capable of doing the job can take time and is costly.

Smaller businesses might not always have any form of staff induction or training programme in place. They rely on new staff members to have existing knowledge or learn as they go.

Why the right training is so important

A lack of training provided by a company can boil down to the cost involved, resources needed, and the time required to develop such training materials in-house to supply new staff members with.

Often, it isn’t always viable or achievable for smaller businesses to provide their staff with essential knowledge training.

A lack of training could result in a loss of revenue in some shape or form later down the line. This is due to staff members not knowing or fully grasping essential knowledge.

We have all been in that situation where we as a customer or patient have asked for information on a treatment, product or service, and when we receive a confusing or not very clear response, we instinctively put our guard up and feel a lack of trust as a result.

Introduction to Dentistry

The BDIA Certificate: Introduction to Dentistry is for non-clinical staff working in non-clinical dental roles. For example practice managers, treatment coordinators, dental receptionists, customer service, sales, marketing teams and more.

The programme is a competitively-priced solution to training provision for dental businesses who want to upskill and invest in their staff to help drive results for their business.

Once enrolled on the programme, students complete an online, 24/7 accessible learning experience. It will fast-track knowledge and understanding over 11 modules.

They cover oral anatomy, dental treatment, equipment, and an appreciation of the work of the dental team and profession.

As students of the programme complete each module, they are faced with multiple-choice exams. This therefore ensures that the knowledge from each module is retained.

Once delegates complete all modules, they will undertake a final online multiple-choice exam. This covers questions across all 11 modules of the programme.

The programme is perfect for new staff members as part of a company induction training. Or existing members of staff to sharpen their knowledge.

Delegate feedback

Since the programme’s inception, thousands of non-clinical staff members in BDIA member businesses and non-member businesses have passed and completed the programme and given the following feedback.

‘This is a well thought through course. It will give anyone working in the industry more confidence to work and communicate with dentists’ – 2021 student.

‘The BDIA course was great. I learned so much to further my knowledge and progress my career in the dental industry’ – 2021 student.

‘Overall, I found the course easy to understand and very thorough. It has therefore helped me to expand my knowledge of dentistry 10-fold!’ – 2021 student.

Who is the BDIA?

The BDIA is the UK’s dental industry trade body.

Since 1923 its members have been working closely with the dental profession and dental teams to provide the quality, innovative and dependable equipment and services that they need day in, day out.

As BDIA members are bound by a comprehensive professional Code of Practice, bespoke training, and a common vision, choosing to do business with them therefore means that the dental team can have confidence they are choosing a supplier that they can trust.

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