Benefits of Balinese Massage


Benefits of Balinese Massage

Hi Dear Girls,

A brief introduction about me, I am a fitness enthusiast. I used to be 80 kgs and above at one point in time. I consulted a very famous dietician and started working out. Today I am below 58 kgs and I continue the same, but only improvise further. After all the weight loss, toning up becomes essential, I have some love handles hanging around & some of the flab needs to be off the arms ASAP 😛

I simply love massages. It gives me immense pleasure to go to a spa and get some rituals done. Some time back, before Covid 19, I got a Balinese Massage done. It is a great way to relax and tone up the body. Let me share with you some basic about a Balinese Massage.

It is an Indonesian ritual, which is given to reduce water retention and soreness of muscles. It is a 75-minute massage, which involves, stretching of the body, and oil massage, kneading and locating pressure points to reduce pain. The massage may be painful for some, thus, let the therapist know if you have any pain or muscle pulls before the treatment starts.

Benefits of Balinese Massage:

Benefits of Balinese Massage

1. Complete Stretching of muscles:

If you do a heavy workout, you need to be stretched thereafter. In a Balinese massage, the first step is stretching of muscles, the therapist with her force of the body will make you do many yoga stretches on the massage bed. Stretching is also a way of getting ready for the massage you will be given later. It completely releases me of the pain and my joints feel more liberated 🙂

Balinese Massage Lose Weight

2. Improves blood circulation:

A Balinese massage helps improves blood circulation. The upward pressure strokes given by the therapist helps improve blood circulation. It rushes blood into all the parts of the body, in turn giving you healthy-looking skin and a fresh face. It is a deep technique that relieves all kinds of spasms. It is a deep pressure massage that alters the mental state and calms the nerves.

3. Toning up of the flab:

As I mentioned, I still need toning up, the best way is through specific exercises and massages, and therefore a Balinese massage is a perfect solution to this. It not only tones up your flab but also relaxes your mind. Thus, get a regular massage and see the difference.

4. Soft skin:

The oils and essential oils used help you moisturize the skin, it works wonders for the onset on winters. I get regular massages which work wonders for me :). The oils work extremely well for me, thus I ditch lotions for winters and get a massage. FYI I have extremely dry skin 🙁

Just a suggestion here, Balinese massage should not be opted for if you have any injury or surgery in the recent past. In pregnant and expecting mothers should check with their doctors before getting a Balinese massage which involves using pushing techniques.

I hope you all enjoyed reading about my experience on the Balinese Massage. See you with more soon 🙂

Much love


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