Best Beach Chairs of Summer 2022



Don’t let a rusty, collapsing lounge chair ruin your nap under the sun. Whether you want to stick your toes in the sand or keep them out entirely, upgrade your vacation relaxation with these durable, comfortable beach chairs. The vacation is here, the sunscreen is on, the beer is cold—the only thing standing between you and falling asleep under the sun is a great beach chair.

Most of us grab whatever’s at the local store—something cheap and easy to pack. But once you’ve hauled a heavy metal lounger, had one collapse when you sink into it, or fought a chair to lay flat, you know there’s merit to investing in a reliable rig.

The best beach chairs have adjustable positions for when you want to read versus sunbathe; are lightweight for easy carrying; durable to support your weight; and ideally have pockets, cup holders, and maybe even a cooler bag to hold all your beach-bound essentials.

We’ve rounded up the top picks for every style of beach chair—from basic sit-in-the-sand seats to tri-fold loungers that’ll let you nap on your stomach comfortably—at every price point.

Tommy Bahama 5-Position Classic Beach Chair
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1. Tommy Bahama 5-Position Classic Beach Chair

This classic beach chair has it all: It can easily be adjusted to five sitting positions, including lying flat; has a soft, contoured pillow for your head; features a cup holder and mesh pouch for small items; and folds down to reveal backpack straps for easy transport to and from the car. The only thing it doesn’t come with is an ocean-side piña colada (although it does have a cooler bag if you want to bring your own).


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