Best Practical Weight Loss Secrets Ever



Best Practical Weight Loss Secrets Ever

Hello all,

Today we are presenting a few easy tips that can be called weight loss secrets for a svelte and a healthier you! These are very practical secrets that can be incorporated in your lifestyle. So know them and they will do wonders to your health.

Best Practical Weight Loss Secrets Ever

Best Practical Weight Loss Secrets Ever
Time tested best practical weight loss secrets ever to shed those extra pounds. Try them.

Never wait till you starve

When you are starving and badly need something to eat, you will not search for healthy options. Instead you will gorge at the first edible thing visible to you and that may be a jumbo burger. You will regret it later but it would be too late.

Plan your calorie budget honestly

Your calorie budget depends on whether you want to lose weight or maintain it. You can plan your meals according to your calorie budget.

Post-workout meals should be right for weight loss

Don’t overestimate the calories you have burnt. People usually do so and land up eating more than they have burnt during the exercise. After a high intensity workout you will eat more than after a moderate exercise session.

Use the red, orange and green colour rule to lose weight

Make sure that at each meal one food is one among the above colours. By placing such food on your plate you won’t have place for high calorie stuff. Moreover colourful fruits and veggies will keep you healthy!

Eat one less bite for weight loss

By eating a bite lesser at each meal you will be able to save 75 calories in a day. That number may be small but if you add up in a week’s time it will be a bigger number.

Drink water for weight loss

Water is very important to keep the body hydrated. The water requirement of each person is different, but the general recommended daily 8 glasses is common for all.

Cut down on your salt

Salt has a big role to play in weight gain. On an average it has been found that we are consuming more salt than needed by us. It makes weight loss difficult. So it would be better to cut down on the salt.

Spice up your food to lose weight

Spice up your meals to reduce your hunger. It is backed by science that spices can bring your hunger level down.

Diet soda will not help you lose weight

Diet soda will actually increase the chances of you getting overweight. Artificial sweeteners in such sodas are the culprit. Skip the so called ‘diet soda’.

Focus on nutrient balance instead of counting calories

Don’t blindly count calories. Make sure your meal has carbs, protein, and fat. It helps you stay full longer.

Keep your plate away from the food at the table

This might sound silly yet it is one of the effective weight loss tips. Don’t keep the food serving bowls in front of you as you will get tempted for a second helping even after you are full.

Maintain a food record

You have fitness apps for making a record for all you eat. This will help you keep a track of your eating habits.

Begin with soup and lose weight

You won’t overeat if you begin your meal with a low calorie soup. It is natural that if your belly is partially filled you will not indulge.

Take your time

If you eat fast there are chances that you will weigh more. Your body needs time to know that your tummy is full and if you rush through your meal you are bound to overeat.

Handle your hunger hormone

Your hunger hormone ghrelin has to be kept in check because it is the one that drives your appetite. You need to monitor and control this hormone if you really want to lose weight.

Dine anytime

Myth busted! It is a myth that you will put on weight if you eat after 7 p.m. You might come home late from office, this doesn’t mean that you have to skip dinner!

Build a relation with your kitchen

You need to take the helm of your nutrition in your hands. So enter the kitchen and schedule things. Cooking at home will help you lose weight. There is no other way. Weight loss needs 20% exercise efforts and 80% nutrition efforts.

Breathe deeply

Deep breathing has lots of benefits that include relieving stress and providing enough oxygen to your tissues. Take a break from the maddening crowd.

Eat before a party or event

I have said this before, arriving famished for a party will make you indulge too much.

Wear fitted clothing

Wearing well fitted clothes will remind you of your goals and prevent you from overeating.

Celebrate healthy talk

Stop talking negatively about your weight loss plan. Replace that ‘I can’t’ with ‘I can’. It will take time but you have to do it.

Eat breakfast without fail

Breakfast is the main meal of the day. Don’t skip it at any cost. If you eat a hearty breakfast you are less likely to eat too much for the rest of the day.

Take 10 minutes to enjoy a treat

Try eating a portion of your treat mindfully and slowly for about 10 minutes. This way your craving will reduce.

Sleep away the kilos

If you start sleeping early you are bound to see weight loss within a week’s time.

So, these were the secrets for weight loss. Stay tuned for more in future.