7 Ways To Ensure Healthy Mouth For A Better Overall Health



7 Ways To Ensure Healthy Mouth For A
Better Overall Health

With today’s fast-paced modern lifestyle, taking care of one’s oral health becomes even more important. A poor dental regime can result in tooth decay, gum diseases, bleeding of the gums, and several infections that can be extremely painful and troublesome. However, did you know that your oral health not only affects your teeth and gums but it also plays a vital role in the overall health and well-being of your entire body?
Your mouth, being the body’s entry point can pave the way for several germs and bacteria to enter through the mouth, resulting in some serious health concerns. There are few researchers suggesting the interconnection between oral health and heart diseases. Not only this, but these bacteria can also enter the body’s bloodstream, resulting in several infections. Poor dental health acts as a major risk factor for serious health diseases such as pneumonia.
Thus, in order to take a step of care for the health of you and your loved one, it’s time to make some necessary changes in your daily oral care regime. There is a need for upgrading one’s oral health and switching to new modern solutions, to ensure utmost comfort and ease in taking the best care of the mouth.
This Oral Health Month, we have compiled a list of 7 such important tips that you can
include in your daily routine to ensure your best oral care, thereby ensuring the best overall health.

7 ways to ensure healthy mouth for a better overall health

1] Brush Twice Daily:

7 Ways To Ensure Healthy Mouth For A Better Overall Health

Brushing is the first essential step that one must include in their everyday oral care regime. Always brush twice every day to eliminate food residues and plaque from the mouth. However, while brushing it is essential to keep a few things in mind. It is always
recommended to use a toothbrush with soft bristles, that are not very abrasive on the teeth. For this, one can switch to an electric toothbrush as it comes with a 2-minute auto-timer and various modes to suit the requirements and dental needs of every individual.

2] Don’t Forget Flossing:

7 Ways To Ensure Healthy Mouth For Better Overall Health
7 Ways To Ensure Healthy Mouth For Better Overall Health

Due to the varied challenges and complications involved in using a thread flosser, people often tend to skip this step. A traditional thread flosser can sometimes be quite rough and abrasive on the gums and teeth, if not used properly. Not only this, there is always a risk of them getting entangled with your braces. Thus, to avoid such concerns, one can try switching to water flossers. This is the type of modern oral care technology that uses a water jet spray to thoroughly cleanse every corner of the mouth in an easy-to-use and pain- free way.

3] Limit Sugar Consumption:

An overdose of sugary food and beverages can lead to several dental concerns such as tooth decay. This is because after consuming sugar, the bacteria that are present in the mouth use the sugar for energy to provide acid that in turn damages the tooth enamel, i.e. your teeth’s outer protective layer. This will result in tooth decay and cavities. Thus, it is always advisable to limit your consumption and have your favorite treats in moderation.

4] Clean Your Tongue:

The tongue is the most overlooked and neglected part of the mouth, that people often miss cleaning in their daily dental regime. The tongue’s surface is the home to an enormous number of bacteria which if not cleaned regularly, can result in several oral
health concerns. Thus, along with brushing and flossing, always remember to clean your
tongue’s surface.

5] Use Proper Technique:

While regular brushing and water flossing are the keys to ensuring a good oral regime, it will bear no fruit if the proper technique is not applied. While brushing, always ensure to use a toothbrush with soft bristles. Remember, brushing too hard and for too long can actually damage your teeth, causing more harm than good. One shouldn’t brush immediately after eating as it can hamper your tooth’s enamel.

6] Quit Tobacco:

Any form of tobacco and smoking can have a severe effect on not only your oral health but also your overall healthy wellbeing. It can lead to problems such as staining of the tooth, tooth decay, and several gum infections and diseases. It is also reported that people who smoke frequently have greater chances of suffering from oral cancer.

7] Biyearly Dentist Visits:

No matter how healthy or clean your teeth feel right now, it is always advisable to visit your dental professional at least twice a year. These visits will help the dentist to examine your mouth for regular check-ups and if required, can treat any dental concern at an early stage.
Healthy oral care is a pathway to a healthy lifestyle! ORACURA offers an extensive range of water flossers and sonic electric toothbrushes that will help in making one’s dental care journey much simpler and efficient.