Big Discounts with Huge Benefits for People in Need




The New Year brings renewal and new beginnings and new opportunities to save with DentaCheques—a fundraising program that brings ways for dental offices to save thousands of dollars in discounts and exclusive offers—while also helping adults with special needs get comprehensive dental care.

We are thrilled to launch the 2021 DentaCheques package. Your $169 donation saves your office money by giving you discounts on products you already purchase. You can buy from your favorite dealers, such as Benco, Henry Schein, Patterson, or select a general package for access to many EXCLUSIVE benefits you can only get with DentaCheques and not through other discount programs.

Right now, DLN has nearly 11,000 people waiting to receive critical services and your purchase generates $1,500 in dental treatment through our Donated Dental Services (DDS) program!

The Online DentaCheques Package for Dental Practitioners Includes:

  • Exclusive discounts and offers just for supporting DLN.
  • Product rebates and discounts on your favorite and new dental products.
  • Dealer discounts of $120 on orders from dental supply companies such as Benco, Henry Schein, Patterson and DHPI.
  • MEGAsamples, or free products shipped directly to you for no additional charge so you can try them risk-free.

Our repeat customers tell us that with certain dental office purchases, the DentaCheques investment is recovered with even just one offer redemption.

“DentaCheques is a win-win because I receive discounts on products as well as free products and the cost of purchasing this e-book is recouped quickly,” said Judith M. Fisch, DDS.  “Therefore, DLN receives this financial donation and I receive the purchasing deals.”

Digital dental product discounts, samples, and rebates are now available for purchase online for only $169.

How To Get Started

  • Purchase through your dealer representatives by asking them to add DentaCheques to your invoice or buy directly from
  • Log in to your account to easily redeem online.

Your purchase is a critical investment in our community’s overall dental health. Visit to begin saving immediately – and start helping people in need.

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