Bike and Hike To Coyote Peak



I did a four-hour combination bike and hike today. I rode down Santa Teresa Boulevard to Bernal road, then climbed Bernal road to the top. I then entered Santa Teresa Park and hiked up the Coyote peak trail to the top. On the way up at a couple of steep sections, I got to try the “walk assist” mode on my Vado SL. It gives just enough assist so you don’t have to push the weight of the bike, a nice feature. I made it to the top by about 10:30, so it was still cool. Then back down to the parking lot and retraced my steps home. I was pleased that my Vado performed well on dirt (fire roads, mostly) but was glad to have good disk brakes to keep down my speed on the downhill. On the way back I did some intervals on Santa Teresa Boulevard which were fun using electric assist as I was able to exceed 20 mph with a headwind.

Bike and Hike To Coyote Peak 1
View From the Top of Bernal Road. Mt Umunhum in the distance, IBM research center to the lower right. Looking at Mt Umunhum planted the seed that I’d like to hike it again, but going to the trailhead by bike which I’ve never done. That’s about 24 miles from home one way so the whole adventure could be done in about six hours..
Bike and Hike To Coyote Peak 2
View From the top of Coyote Peak. Santa Cruz mountains in the distance with the Almaden Valley below