Bike/hike: Uvas Canyon County Park



The beautiful Uvas Canyon County. one the jewels of the Santa Clara County park system, lies at the end of Croy road in the hills west of Morgan Hill. My wife and I lived in a little house halfway up Croy, with Uvas creek running through our backyard, for 24 years. It was an old house, built in 1929, and was getting to be too much for us to keep up (we got our water from the creek and had a septic system, there was a lot of maintenance). It was also getting a little old that we were 15 miles from the nearest store. So we left that country setting and moved to downtown Morgan Hill eleven years ago, and we love it down here too. But I do sometimes miss having the park as my playground only 1 1/2 miles away. Fortunately I can now get up there anytime I like with my e-bike, it takes about 40 minutes one way and it’s a nice ride.

Uvas is renowned for it’s waterfalls, which flow spectacularly in the winter and early spring, the height of the rainy season now. There still pretty this late, so I went up to check them out.

Bike/hike: Uvas Canyon County Park 1
On the way there, this is Chesbro reservoir, with broom bushes blooming in the foreground.
Bike/hike: Uvas Canyon County Park 2
About a half mile from the park, the entrance to the Swedish-American community Sveadal, established 1926. We still have friends with cabins up there.
Bike/hike: Uvas Canyon County Park 3
Near the park entrance. I parked my bike here and went hiking on the waterfall loop trail
Bike/hike: Uvas Canyon County Park 4
One of several waterfalls on Swanson creek, which flows into Uvas creek
Bike/hike: Uvas Canyon County Park 5
Bike/hike: Uvas Canyon County Park 6
Bike/hike: Uvas Canyon County Park 7
On The way back, I liked the mottled light and how the trees made a tunnel here
Bike/hike: Uvas Canyon County Park 8
I stopped by the old homestead on the ride home. This is from the carport. The green tank to the left is 3000 gallonsof water storage

This is the first time I did a bike/hike to the park using my e-bike. Now that I know it doesn’t take that long, I’ll be back more often. It’s better by bike, there’s limited parking so you have to make reservations with the county to park there (that was even true pre-Corona).