Bike-Hike With a Wintry Sky



A couple of days ago I wanted to do a longer workout so I rode my e-bike to Santa Teresa park. I did standing pedaling on the way in low assist. which took about an hour. I then hiked up to Coyote peak in the park and rode back down and home. The sky was beautiful, it looked wintry like maybe a storm was coming in (which turned out to be true, we got rain later in the day). It was cold and very windy, so I indulged in a little extra assist on the way home. This is one of my favorite outings. Years ago we worked out in a gym not far from the park. My wife would drop me off on the way, and I’d run to the park, hike to the peak, then run back down and meet her at the gym. So now I “pseudo-run” with stand-up pedaling.

Bike-Hike With a Wintry Sky 1
The Entrance to the Park near the archery range. I pushed my bike up the steep sections and rode the flatter parts.
Bike-Hike With a Wintry Sky 2
Now I’ve turned up the Coyote Peak Trail and it’s pretty steep from here. Hiking/Bike pushing the rest of the way to the top.
Bike-Hike With a Wintry Sky 3
Santa Teresa Park Activity Shelter with parking lot ahead. There are lots of trails in the hills around us.
Bike-Hike With a Wintry Sky 4
The Santa Cruz Mountains and Mt. Umunhum From the road leading to Santa Teresa parking lot, which I rode out on the way down.