Biking and Uphill Walking



I need to transition to using my uphill walking and hiking muscles more to prepare for my vertical K challenge in June. So today I did a little over two hour workout, spending the first part standing up to pedal continuously on my bike, which uses similar muscles. Then I climbed up the hill on the Thomas Grade, walking and pushing the bike. This is a nice and steep local challenge. A good workout, with leg muscles a bit sore afterwards from using them in a way they’ve not been accustomed to lately. So I need to do this type of thing on a regular basis now.

Biking and Uphill Walking 1
Looking up the hill at the bottom of the Thomas grade. It’s misleading from here, it has a lot of switchbacks and is further than it looks. It’s just about a mile with 260 m elevation gain, 8.7% average grade.
Biking and Uphill Walking 2
View out over Morgan Hiil from partway up
Biking and Uphill Walking 3
Back home, the Magnolias are starting to bloom. It’s a nice time of the year around here when the weather is nice, it can feel like late fall and spring at the same time. Some of the early bloomers like Magnolias and Acacias are starting, while other trees are still clinging to the last of their fall colors.