Biomin voted ‘Best Dentine Hypersensitivity Relief and Protection Manufacturer’


Biomin voted ‘Best Dentine Hypersensitivity Relief and Protection Manufacturer’ 1

Biomin Technologies, the UK company behind the innovative bioactive toothpaste Biomin F, has added yet more awards to its growing collection of accolades, reflecting the increasing recognition for the product and its effectiveness in the treatment of dentine hypersensitivity.

The company has been voted the ‘Best Dentine Hypersensitivity Relief and Protection Product Manufacturer’ for the UK by the respected Global Health & Pharma Magazine (GHP).

GHP initially launched to act as an information sharing platform for those in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Though it maintains this founding cornerstone, the magazine itself has expanded in scope. It now magnifies the work of those that are setting the pace and looking to change their respective sectors for the better.

Its prestigious award scheme recognises excellence for services within the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Biomin Technologies is proud to have been selected as the winner in this category.

Award-winning Biomin toothpaste

Presenting Biomin Technologies with the award, the GHP judging panel said: ‘[Biomin’s] clinical efficiency has set itself head and shoulders above the rest. This allows it to stand out even in the competitive industry of commercial research and product development.

‘Consumer surveys indicate that 70% of users noted a decrease in sensitivity after two weeks of regular use. And a third of these respondents reported a total lack of symptoms in the same time frame.’

They continued: ‘Biomin is also exemplary when it comes to reducing sensitivity during teeth whitening procedures. Many patients find whitening uncomfortable due to this. It can prevent them from completing the full treatment.

‘Biomin can help them reduce this discomfort in order to let the procedure carry on. In this way, it has been able to communicate the use of Biomin to the wider dental professional market. The dental profession market is largely very receptive to the benefits it brings to patients; this has been indispensable word of mouth promotion for Biomin. As well as lending it significant credibility.

‘In tandem with this, Biomin also benefits from the excellence of its staff. The development of research and the hard work of its marketing team has been critical in ensuring long-term success.

‘With the impact of COVID-19 on the dental industry cancelling millions of appointments nationally, online sales have therefore shot up for Biomin.

‘Moving forward, the company prepared for this to continue. It encourages customers to keep an eye on its platforms for future updates.

‘These will also include its coming work on the remineralisation of early stage decay, filling materials, sealants, and varnishes, communicating these mainly through online means.’

‘Prevention and cure in one’

Richard Whatley, CEO of Biomin Technologies, believes that these accolades are an accurate reflection of Biomin’s innovation and efficacy.

‘Our products are fully researched. We have a growing body of scientific evidence to back up our claims,’ he said.

‘In addition, we are also constantly receiving positive feedback from customers, saying that Biomin really works and describing it as prevention and cure in one.’

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