Blame Feels Good But…



Blame Feels Good But…

Natalie Jill Blame Feels Good ButUnpopular opinion: BLAMING doesn’t lead to SOLUTIONS. Read that again 🙂

  • Blaming may feel good in the moment
  • Blaming may make us feel “right”
  • Blaming may let us feel validated in the moment.
  • But BLAMING grows a victim mentality and that changes NOTHING. It doesn’t ever lead to solutions. Not EVER.


Those that succeed at their goals? They stop blaming…. They stop living in circumstance. They shift to how they are RESPONSIBLE and focus on POSSIBILITY, CREATION and what they “want”

I am guilty of this too at times! It’s human nature… but I’ve learned to shift into “how am I responsible” faster and faster. It changes everything.

Do you want to be RIGHT or to have successes?

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Natalie Jill

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