Breastlight’s quest for Breast Cancer Awareness



John Carmack once said,

Focused, hard work is the real key to success. Keep your eyes on the goal, and just keep taking the next step towards completing it. If you aren’t sure which way to do something do it both ways and see which works better.

So therefore it is essential to keep going for your own sake irrespective of any specific gender refinement. Reaching out your destination can and should be your aim but not the ultimate goal because if you don’t get to reach out the place where you thought to be; it doesn’t mean that you are a looser. Atleast you have chased it with utter sincerity which matters a lot. By doing this all your personal health and belongings matters a lot.

Breast Cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide. Breast cancer was the second most common cancer in UK with nearly 1.7 million new cases in 2012. This survey was done by cancer research UK. If we look at the beginning of the disease, it can develop in the breast tissue which is made up of glands for milk production, called lobules, as well as the ducts that further attach the lobules to the nipple. Rest of the breast is made up of fatty, multiparty, and lymphatic tissues. The symptoms and stages of breast cancer are many but the most significant and focal point is the phenomenon of awareness. Self-examination through any of the breast self-examination device can be the first step whereas mammography is the standard procedure to diagnose the breast cancer.  Clinical breast screening is very much essential; but the importance of self-examination of your breast can’t be avoided. No one knows your breasts better than you so self-examination can be a key factor.

Breastlight Being Breast Self-Examination Device:

By having close look of the situation one can get to know that Cancer awareness program by Breastlight isn’t an enigma but developed on the fundamental scruples among women by engraving acquaintance with Breastlight self-examination device. The most important factor is the use of this device at your home with ease. It’s handy to use without any hindrances.  The device can aware you about any variation in your breast and make you conscious about any hidden changes. It is also essential to use the device after having full information about the use. The results are evident in form of making you aware about the changes so you can proceed further for mammograms and the treatment can be started in case of diagnosis.breast cancer screening

The spectacle of Awareness can’t be neglected. When you will not be aware of the basics of any disease, you would never be able to cope with it.  Understand something and then prepare yourself to deal with it. You can make any strategy unless you are not having full acquaintance. It has been seen that few of the women are always disinclined to go and get their breasts examine. In this case Breastlight self-detecting device can ease their hesitation by providing them a chance doe self-examination which itself is a   comprehensive method. This is not merely a self-check but also uses to dispel the apprehensions if any as well as can avert any further danger in case of severe changes.


The early screening followed by early detection can make things easy for a woman. Time is another factor which can be useful for you if you have played safely and timely.  Awareness, screening and self-examination all makes a combination in your breast cancer conquer quest. I met a woman who has breast cancer and she knew about the changes in her breast through self-examination. She seemed to be really obliged to Breastlight Self-Screening Device. She revealed her personal experience which is very much inspirational for all those who are fighting out this disease, “You have to figure out your own way to deal with this diagnosis. You learn about yourself, what you are made of. This can be extraordinary and you want to share this, help others who go through the same thing”.

What Cancer Cannot Do

Cancer is so limited

It cannot cripple love

It cannot shatter hope

It cannot corrode faith

It cannot eat away peace

It cannot destroy confidence

It cannot kill friendship

It cannot shut out memories

It cannot silence courage

It cannot reduce eternal life

It cannot quench the Spirit….!

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