DLN Success Story – Cancer Survivor Receives a New Smile



DLN Success Story – Cancer Survivor Receives a New Smile 1

Robin, 64, lives in Waterbury and loves to read, paint, and write poetry. A few years ago, she won fourth place in an esteemed poetry contest. Robin lives an active lifestyle, walking every day and going to the gym regularly, but her health was further compromised when she was diagnosed with stage two thyroid cancer last year. Robin also suffers from other health challenges including COPD and emphysema.

As a result of her ongoing health issues, her dental health had deteriorated. Robin only had five remaining teeth and her partial dentures no longer fit properly, causing pain and making eating difficult. Living on a small fixed income prevented her from being able to afford the dental treatment she needed. It seemed like Robin had no way to get help with her teeth.

How DDS Helped

Fortunately, Robin applied to the Donated Dental Services (DDS) program and was linked with a generous volunteer. Dr. Joy Lunan fitted Robin for a full upper and lower denture, and donated the full upper and lower dentures fabricated by a lab. Robin was extremely grateful to have her smile back and to be able to eat healthy again. She even shared some of her artwork with Dr. Lunan to show her appreciation.

“My dentures look fabulous! I can’t begin to convey how deeply appreciative I am for DLN. Painting is one of my many hobbies so I had one of my creations custom framed as a small token of thanks to Dr. Lunan and her staff.”
— Robin, DDS Patient

“Robin is a very lovely and appreciative person. At the end of treatment, Robin proudly presented us with a beautiful painting that she created along with a poem entitled “When My Soul is Housed”. What a wonderful moment.”
— Dr. Joy Lunan, DDS Volunteer

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