Celebrating women in dentistry



Celebrating women in dentistry 1

To mark International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating the efforts and achievements of women across the dental profession. 

Kicking off this week, we will take to our social media platforms to recognise the wonderful work of women in the dental team.

In addition, we will also join a room on Clubhouse on International Women’s Day from 7pm.

Hosted by Dentistry Online with Manrina Rhode, we hope the discussion will help to highlight the barriers that need breaking to improve the inclusivity of women in dentistry.

Speakers include:

  • Manrina Rhode
  • Uchenna Okoye
  • Jayne Sproson
  • Angela Auluck
  • Shivani Patel.

You can sign up to the event here.

Mark the occasion

The campaign follows a series that ran last week – Discrimination in Dentistry – which saw dental professionals speak out about their own experiences and views.

This included:

  • Nishma Sharma – ‘”Who did you sleep with to land that?” a colleague said when told of my successful posting to the OCDO’
  • Wayne Thomas – ‘If there hadn’t been a male dental nurse, then this particular patient would not have received any treatment’
  • Kevin O’Brien – ‘Shouldn’t the spokesman be a spokeswoman in a cause championing the woman’s voice?’
  • Alina Grossman – Male colleagues actually came to me to express their annoyance that by raising this issue I had made the working environment more uncomfortable for them
  • Mariyah Nazir – ‘Tits out for the lads!’ commented an anaesthetist whilst I retracted for a radical neck dissection.

‘There’s no better time to celebrate the achievements of women in dentistry than the run up to International Women’s Day,’ says Amy Molony, FMC’s social media manager.

‘We will post some of dentistry’s most inspiring women on our Instagram page to mark the occasion and bring to light their amazing achievements.

‘We’re also really excited about the upcoming discussion on Clubhouse. We hope it’ll be an evening where we can not only talk about the contributions of women across the profession, but also encourage improvements that will help to make dentistry a more progressive, inclusive and caring profession.

‘Please get in touch if you would like more details.’

If you would like an invite to Clubhouse, please email gaby.bissett@fmc.co.uk.

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